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More recently, marketers could add the strange abbreviation PvPvE to their press releases and interest the audience in this. Now, when such games are like dirt, and the bar of their quality is not raised much, you need to take it to others. For example, take an unusual historical era or make heroes of famous (including fictional) personalities. The Middle Ages is perfect for this, and you can put the name of Robin Hood in the title – apparently, this is how Hood: Outlaws & Legends appeared.

The rich also cry

Unfortunately, like many other stillborn multiplayer entertainment, Hood suffers from many sores. The most important – only one mode: “Robbery” for eight. There is also a training session where four of us are allowed to break into to warm up against artificial intelligence, but this can not be counted. The only mode is not a sentence, the royal battles somehow survive. But in this case, the game requires a lot of variety, and here it is absent.

Each participant in the match is a robber who must steal gold from the State in order to distribute it (behind the scenes) to the poor. The essence is simple: we appear on the map, look for the sheriff, quietly take the key from him, open the treasury for them and take out the box of gold. Then we put this chest on the winch in one of the indicated places and begin to turn it. Progress is saved upon reaching each of the seven divisions on the winch scale. Finished it to the end and won.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Обзор

We turn the winch while the others are busy with something.

Opponents are constantly scurrying around the location: first, small guards who are killed with a couple of blows, and after stealing the chest, strong ambals begin to appear – it’s better not to engage in close combat with them. All of them are controlled by artificial intelligence and raise the alarm if you are noticed. And, of course, there are players of the enemy team whose tasks are exactly the same: find the key and take out the treasures. The team that spins the winch to the very end will win.

It does not matter what any of the teams did until the very last moment. For example, your group can steal a key, open a treasury, carry a chest, and fill six divisions together. And in the end, the entire enemy squad will attack you at the last moment, kill everyone and turn the winch to the end, spending a few seconds on it and winning. Perhaps it would be more logical to offer two different winches (otherwise it is strange that two teams are doing the same thing at the same point), or simply take into account all the progress earned and not reward those who decide to do something only at the end match.

As a result, there is no PvPvE as such – it is mainly PvP, a kind of team fight to the death. Weak guards pose no threat – you can block and repel their attacks, and sometimes it’s easier to just run past. The strong ones just walk back and forth and annoy, and if desired, they can be knocked out with explosions or blows from behind. Players pose a much greater danger, but the quality of the local PvP is much inferior to competitors. Comparing Hood to any For Honor is generally insulting to the latter.

Opponents stop before death – in these moments, life flashes before their eyes.

Came, saw and left

The gameplay has no depth. There are three respawn checkpoints on the map that can be captured and taken from the enemy team, there are boxes with additional ammo, and … that’s it. You can also open doors and lower ropes to unlock shortcuts to chests and points, but the design of the maps even with that in mind remains unfriendly to the player. If you don’t know by heart where to go, you will constantly run into walls and fences or climb stairs that lead to dead ends. In addition, the locations are often not visible at all – the gloomy Middle Ages after all.

The most annoying thing is that the game seems to be about stealth (even pebbles can be thrown), but outside of the starting tutorial, no one is hiding in the bushes. Your random companions run at full speed and swing sledgehammers both at the beginning of the match, eliminating the guards, and at the end, when the players start fighting each other. It is understandable – it is desirable to be the first to find the key and the treasury, regroup and be ready to attack opponents. Of course, if you gather friends and talk in voice chat, Hood will surely sparkle with new colors, but the game is not the cheapest – you still need to convince your comrades. And this is not so easy to do – there are more affordable alternatives. But cross-platform multiplayer is supported.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Обзор

Nobody will expect two Johns for sure.

Some variety is made by classes, of which there are four in the game. Everyone differs not only in a tiny arsenal, but also in “ults” – they accumulate during the match. Rogue Robin is armed with a longbow, but is almost defenseless in close combat. Huntress Marianne can turn invisible before attacking and silently eliminates any targets. A mystic named Took attacks enemies with a flail, a spiked ball on a long chain. Well, rowdy John is a pile of muscles with a sledgehammer in his hands.

At first, I assumed that you can’t take the same heroes – four classes for four players. But this is not the first time that the developers have done everything against logic, so nothing prevents you from taking anyone. The balance suffers because of this, of course – the same John can be considered almost an obligatory hero in the squad, and if you have two of them, then victory is practically in your pocket. It slams the ground hard, briefly stunning those standing near it. And his “ult” increases damage resistance and gives unlimited endurance – archers will not be able to do anything against such a strong man.

Yes, there is also a “stamina” for everyone – you can’t beat non-stop, and your strength always ends out of place. But this is not the worst thing – much more annoying is the terrible registration of hits, due to which an arrow that flew right into the target or a sledgehammer that pierced the skull of the enemy will not cause any damage. Of course, this happens every time at the most inopportune moment, and opponents can win because of the lousy network code and luck.

Due to limited stamina, there are moments when two opponents stand and look at each other.

Why do they offer to suffer and end matches here? With the currency you earn, you can buy weapon designs and costumes for all heroes – nothing, however, will be visible due to dark cards. Participation in matches unlocks fragments of legends about characters that are absolutely uninteresting, and collectible trinkets are unlocked for silent elimination of enemies – they are even less useless. Well, for new ranks they give skills that have both positive and negative effects – for example, you can carry a chest faster, but you will capture points more slowly. In general, the progress system is also very boring.

In the future, the developers of Hood: Outlaws & Legends promise a lot: new maps, characters, modes, and even some entertainment with a PvE bias. But it is not promises that should be evaluated, but the product in its current form, and so far the game is not impressive in any way. It is hard to imagine why players will participate in exactly the same matches in the same mode for more than one month. Now the project is reminiscent of an additional multiplayer mode that comes with the campaign, as was the case with the old Assassin’s Creed. And as a standalone paid game, it seems like a very disadvantageous proposition.

Pros: Not a bad idea; gloomy atmosphere of the Middle Ages; support for cross-platform multiplayer.

Cons: one single mode and only five maps; matches are too similar to each other; The PvE component is nailed to the classic team deathmatch; stealth is by and large not needed; balance problems; hit registration often fails.

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