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Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack is far from being an ordinary clicker, because it uses the original atmosphere and control system. Gather a massive army of monsters and take part in the battles.

Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack
 Promo Codes (2022 December) 2.1.0
All Codes Expiration date
MAG37B2DC9F January 1, 2023
D1YJZKO5V2 December 24, 2022
O9KBC32JF December 29, 2022
QDKA8YEZGR4 January 1, 2023
H4XZWDGKO5UV November 27, 2022
L3VIXFW5RZN November 24, 2022
SIQ58RK3GTX November 16, 2022
AP49HUIN83 November 28, 2022
R57BIKO16 January 2, 2023
DQUTSLIV4PX November 28, 2022
FGA2KIS743XU December 27, 2022
2KLQVMXI3CB December 26, 2022

The player will have to get acquainted with the Blobs, who recently began to get out of the cave, because they were in great danger. Their kingdom was under threat of destruction by very dangerous and powerful monsters. Huge armies fight every day in their territories and try to capture all the remaining territories, exterminating this population to the end. Attack these evil monsters simply by clicking on the screen and collect gold for victories. It will be possible to hire new bloggers into the army. Use magic spells in Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack and win back all the lost points. To come to victory, you will have to spend a lot of time behind this clicker. It will be very easy to get involved in such a colorful toy, and you will understand it yourself. Features of Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack

  • Fascinating and full of magic clicker;
  • Lots of monsters and bloggers;
  • Upgradable skills and abilities of characters;
  • Earning gold and at the expense of it the purchase of new opportunities;
  • Very colorful graphics.

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