APK - Updated on January 27, 2023

Hopeless: The Dark Cave is a casual game that the developers have tried to make as dark as possible. They designed it in dark colors and added a dark musical accompaniment. You have to play as a small jelly with a gun, which will fight off terrible monsters. Initially, you have only one jelly man with a weapon at your disposal. Gradually, monsters begin to appear from the darkness, your task is to click on these monsters so that the jelly shoots at him. However, the monster will retreat only for a while. Jelly people also appear from the darkness, so you need to be extremely careful. The goal of each level is that you need to stay alive until enough of these little men appear. If you kill all your partners, then you will have to make every effort to stay alive in the fight against monsters. However, you will still go further if you are left alone on the dark battlefield. You can play it together with a friend: one kills enemies, the other carefully closes the rear. To create a tense and mysterious atmosphere, it is recommended to play it at night with headphones.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave  MOD APK (Continuity Skill) 2.8.0

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