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Keeping accurate fire on the controller is not an easy task. Guerrilla Games took care of the players and implemented in Horizon Forbidden West the ability to aim using motion sensors. The developers have dedicated a new entry on the PlayStation Blog to this and many other accessibility options in the sequel.

Difficulty settings

  • Total in Horizon Forbidden West there will be five levels of difficulty: from the “Story” mode, in which the gamer focuses on the narrative, to a very high level of difficulty – in which the user will test himself for strength.

  • It is also possible to adjust individual difficulty settings. For example, how much damage Aloy deals and receives in response.

  • An interesting new feature is the automatic collection of parts from machines. As in Zero Dawn, the hunter may accidentally destroy some of the components in the heat of battle. To prevent this from happening, we created a system of easy loot: all the loot left on the car will end up in the pockets of the heroine after defeating the enemy. The system automatically turns on at low difficulty levels, but it can be activated at more difficult levels.

Menu with accessibility settings.

Control settings

  • The developers have created several preset control layouts (including those for left-handers), but if desired, the players can change the assignment of the buttons for themselves.

  • Another innovation was the “co-pilot” system, which requires a second controller. Suitable for both DualSense and DualShock from PS4. The second user will be able to “steering”, helping a friend in the passage.

  • DualSense’s built-in accelerometer and gyroscope help you aim. It is unclear whether this feature will work on the DualShock, although the controller is equipped with the necessary mechanisms.

  • The PS5 version of the game supports adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Vibration intensity can be adjusted as needed. There is an option to disable trigger resistance when Aloy is holding a weapon or for other scenarios.

Layouts for all occasions: for swimming, for riding and more.

Special gameplay features

  • If the battles are difficult, the developers offer to choose how much time will slow down in the game when the weapon wheel is called, or activate aim assistance.
    • The duration of the Concentration skill, which slows down time, is also configurable. If desired, “Concentration” can even turn on by itself (if its scale has not yet been empty).

  • The optional automatic inclusion will also make life easier:
    • acceleration,

    • healing when health is below half,

    • shield-wing when falling from a great height,

    • illumination of places on which it is possible to climb.

The visor will always highlight climbing supports when enabled.

  • A function has appeared, thanks to which the iron horse itself will build a route to the right place. You just need to set a point on the map, and the car will jump along the road on its own – the gamer will not have to intervene.

  • Aloy did not lose her notebook – a collection of knowledge about machines, characters and data carriers migrated from the first part to the sequel. There is also a separate section with instructions.

Slowing down time when using the skill “Concentration”.

Picture and sound settings

  • Subtitle font size and background are highly customizable.

  • On the PS4 version, loading screens have not disappeared, and along with them, tips have remained. PS5 owners will be able to switch between informative and quick loading screens.

  • For people suffering from tinnitus, it is possible to remove noises, such as the screeching of cars.

Try all of the above Horizon Forbidden West available February 18 on PlayStation. Previously Guerrilla Games posted a short gameplay clip of the sequel on a standard PS4.

Various options for displaying subtitles.

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