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Horrorfield – Survival Horror Online is a horror and horror survival game, complete with real-time multiplayer for multiplayer cooperative play.

Horrorfield – Survival Horror Online
 Redeem Codes 2022 October 1.5.1
All Codes Expiration date
8QBP42SO3IA November 21, 2022
VC8Z4HA2QK December 7, 2022
OS9WQFR5A November 4, 2022
RJMU5TDK4QZ December 2, 2022
KOJRPFYXHCNV November 30, 2022
GSQ1D657MYR November 14, 2022
QEWNFK64G8O November 28, 2022
F8Y36T09CI November 12, 2022
D21NIYCKB November 9, 2022
AC4U2V7HNMG December 23, 2022
JB482UMROQC9 November 13, 2022
91DHP80E42G December 11, 2022

There are a lot of horror fans on mobile, there are millions of them, but everyone is bored with the monotonous games about finding objects and escaping from the house with the main monster. You always want something new and the horror genre is no exception. Therefore, now everyone should try to play Horrorfield – Survival Horror Online, one of the first team-based horror games in Russian. Together with users around the world, you can go to a mysterious location, and there you will catch the victim in order to give it to the crazy psycho running through the forest after you. Someone will be able to escape, but there will be only one such person. The rest will be caught and killed by the maniac. When joining your camp for the first time, there will be 7 survivors, but one will come out victorious. Features of Horrorfield – Survival Horror Online

  • 7 categories of heroes with their roles;
  • Multiplayer horror mode;
  • Huge map with freedom of movement;
  • The ability to play as a psycho killer;
  • Tense horror atmosphere.

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