APK - Updated on September 14, 2022

Horse Quest is an incredibly bright and colorful 3D game about life and adventures on a horse farm in the middle of the mysterious Maplewood Forest.

List of Cheats Code Expiration date
IN7JDLYZK8P September 24, 2022
6P2G73JFZ5 September 30, 2022
435YD6RHO September 23, 2022
2SCDMY08WOP September 24, 2022
CBTJ5YI4N60D September 19, 2022
XQKOIE5FHRV October 31, 2022

This game is completely different from other horse simulators. Here, of course, you can also choose a beautiful horse according to breed and color, come up with a name for it and take care of it. But this gameplay is far from limited.

Protect the farm from harmful raccoons and skunks, learn more and more new tricks with horses, ride along forest paths and beautiful hills, jumping over fallen trees, undersized bushes or low rocks. The resilient Mandy will help you, and you, in turn, will help her complete all kinds of quests to find treasures and uncover the secret of the mysterious Maplewood forest.

Find new friends in the game among players around the world. Communicate with them through the in-game chat. Compare what your horses have achieved compared to your friends’ pets.

The game is free, updated frequently, but contains paid content.

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