Game Mobile - Updated on March 4, 2022

House Designer: Fix & Flip is a unique project that all designers, planners, architects, and strategy lovers will love. Users are provided with a lot of 3D houses that are taken care of to the smallest detail with the territory adjacent to them, you can do whatever you want, just complete the task of repairing, re-planning, arrangement, and layout of the population.

House Designer: Fix & Flip

Start your first acquaintance with House Designer: Fix & Flip and see what the navigation bar includes. The project offers free construction and training, as well as many missions with specific goals. Read what customers want from you and check out a one- or two-story home. Look at the available funding and determine the scope of work that is possible.

House Designer: Fix & Flip

Think about what you can save and where to cut costs. Start demolishing the walls with a hammer, remodeling the facades and rooms. Remove the old linoleum and laminate and carpet, or do the exact opposite, depending on the client’s wishes. Whiten ceilings or stretch them, remodel stairs and hallways, paint, and plaster. Select the desired tool with a simple touch and apply it in the same way.

House Designer: Fix & Flip

After the repair is done, start arranging furniture and equipment, including a lot of furniture in the game. Everything costs a certain amount of money and you constantly have to count to get everything you need. The mod for money will allow you to get the maximum amount on your balance sheet and enjoy subscribing to the apartment as you want, getting everything the user deems necessary. Lots of items to place, unlock and achieve.

Download ( V1.100 )
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