APK - Updated on January 22, 2023

Hovercraft: Fighter is one of the most popular action games of the year, as it managed to successfully combine the original style, similar to the Minecraft game, and the theme of racing battles! The game has the laws of physics and a huge selection of weapons, and you have to assemble a warship completely and completely on your own!

Hovercraft: Takedown  MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) 1.6.3

In the universe of the game, the bandits have captured all the main thoroughfares of your city, now you have to create your own hovercraft, arm it according to your tastes and preferences, and there really are plenty to choose from: machine guns, rockets, lasers and much more! Start your sortie on the streets of the city to clear it of all criminals and score points!


– In the game, you can make completely unique hovercrafts, and equip them with machine guns, lasers and many others!

– Destroy enemy ships and watch chains of explosions destroy remaining enemies!

– Your hovercraft can use up to 5 different weapons at the same time, so customize it according to your own preferences and use thousands of different combinations!

– In the short breaks between fierce battles, you can notice how amazingly beautiful the game world is, rushing past at great speed!

– The game has not only a wide range of weapons, but also a variety of improvements for them, which can radically change the strategy for using them!

– Upgrade all your hovercrafts and become even more powerful.

– Endless loot! In the game, you need to collect and win a wide variety of power-ups that will help you immediately surpass all your opponents, however, only for a short period of time.

– The game has a realistic damage system, where each damage can affect the combat and mobile abilities of your hovercraft.

– You won’t find anything even close to this incredible game!

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