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The announcement of The Division 2 hardly surprised anyone, but it definitely raised questions from fans. One of the main ones was related to the change of scene – from the snowy New York, covered by an epidemic during the Christmas period, we went to the sun-drenched Washington. Although the developers tried to make the locations diverse, fans of the series still missed the old scenery that blended so well with what was happening in the first part.


The third expansion of the first year for The Division 2 gave players hope for a return to familiar places. In it, agents are sent to Coney Island to rescue a virologist from agents of the Black Tusk and search for renegade agent Aaron Keener, who is plotting to create new viruses. As it turned out, this is just the beginning – in March, the large-scale paid expansion “Warriors of New York” will be released, in which players will be able to find themselves again in the largest city in the United States.

“This is a very important location for all the staff of our studio, because it started the The Division series. Important events took place in it. It started an epidemic. Many of the characters live in it,” said assistant creative director of the series Yannick Banchereau in an interview with GamesRadar. “We had a lot of fun exploring Washington DC and creating new areas, biomes and environments. But I always knew that at some point we would return to New York. At the same time, we wanted to create a new version of New York.”

“The central theme of the expansion is the hunt for Aaron Keener. We close the storyline that started in the first part, and put an end to it, ”explained The Division 2 assistant director Drew Rechner in an interview with USgamer. According to him, now is the most suitable time for this, because during the year the authors of the game listened to the suggestions and wishes of the audience and will not only be able to make major changes to the gameplay elements, but also decide on the fate of one of the main antagonists of the series.

How Warriors of New York will make The Division 2 better

Keener and his henchmen.

old acquaintances

Two factions will return from the previous The Division to Warriors of New York. The first is convicts, former prisoners who escaped from prison on Rikers Island. The second is the cleaners, homeless workers, confident in their ability to cleanse the city of infection with the help of fire. “In the first part, there was the Last Battalion faction, which became an integral part of the story, but it was defeated. And in the expansion, you will find out the reason why those two factions continued to exist, ”Nick Scurr, producer of Ubisoft Leamington and Ubisoft Reflections, working in tandem with Massive Entertainment, added in an interview with Attack of the Fanboy.

According to him, prisoners and cleaners have become even more dangerous – eight months have passed since the events of the first part, and during this time the opponents managed to acquire new weapons and strengthen their equipment. “The same cleaners you recognize right away – these are the guys with flamethrowers who have huge gas tanks on their backs, so you will understand where to shoot. But it will still be more difficult, and you will have to use new skills and new weapons against them so that even their powerful equipment cannot withstand your pressure, ”Skerr added.

We will also meet a couple of acquaintances among positive characters – including Fei Lau, who was involved in the maintenance of the base, and former police officer Ray Benitez. Otherwise, almost everything presented in the expansion is completely new content, and never seen before enemies, of course, will also appear.

How Warriors of New York will make The Division 2 better

How exactly the new cleaners differ from the old ones is not yet said. Maybe for the better – it’s more interesting to find out for yourself.

dangerous four

Even the map is not the same as before. The action of The Division took place on the streets of Mid-Manhattan, and now you have to explore the Lower. There are four districts: Two Bridges, Civic Center, Battery Park and Financial District. At the end of the summer, all these areas experienced a strong hurricane, so they are not in the best condition. We need to find the data to capture each lieutenant, and after defeating all of them, it will become known where Keener is hiding. Leaders can be eliminated in any order.

As soon as the lieutenant is destroyed, the player receives a special skill that can be used immediately. It can be a holographic decoy, two types of sticky bombs and a shock trap. Skills are not tied to certain builds – they are just new features for users in combat. “We specifically made these skills suitable for a wide variety of equipment. It is inevitable that some combinations will be stronger than others, but above all, we created these skills as additional options, ”says Rekner.

The creators of the game really try to listen to the audience, and this is expressed even in boss battles. In “vanilla” The Division 2, they were nothing special. In the expansion, everything is different – it is enough to know about the sniper, who creates his own holographic copies, when shooting at which the player gives out his position. “We wanted to create some really epic boss fights this time around,” says Rekner. “They are very, very different from before. Each has its own theme, be it fire, traps or tricks. We not only did a lot of work on artificial intelligence, but also tried to make sure that the environment plays a big role in the battle.”

How Warriors of New York will make The Division 2 better

New York, which survived the hurricane, was left in ruins in places.

Numbers and letters

The plot, of course, is important, but in The Division, loot is much more important. And in the sequel, there was a complete mess with characteristics, modifications, talents, sets – you had to not only hunt for the desired item of equipment, but also look for exactly the one whose description matches your desires. There were too many “random” in the game, which they will try to get rid of.

“We’ve created a system that has a lot of depth, but that depth has created a lot of complexities. It has too many random elements overlapping each other, Reckner admits. – In order for the player to get what he wants, it is necessary to give him a lot of trophies for defeating opponents. And along with this, there are difficulties with cluttered inventory, which is clogged with useless things.

System 2.0, as Massive calls it, will bring many changes to the action game. There will be fewer talents, but each of them will be more useful than before. Instead of skill strength indicators, skill levels will appear, allowing you to quickly calculate the degree of their impact on the player’s build without having to delve into the numbers. The requirements for some talents will disappear, and it will become easier to part with unnecessary things with cool characteristics – an option will appear in the crafting table to save characteristics in order to transfer them to another piece of equipment.

How Warriors of New York will make The Division 2 better

Without attacking enemies in melee, of course, it will not do.

“In this way, we not only get rid of random elements, but also make the game more understandable. If you want to play as a high damage sniper, it’s now much easier to become one. Putting together the builds you want will be an easier process,” adds Rekner.

Even darker than dark

The Dark Zone will also undergo changes – it will become more similar to the one that was in the first part, and the rewards will be much better. The Division 2 put a lot of emphasis on the PvE element – players fought not only against each other, but also against strong opponents controlled by AI. Now above all PvP. “We read the feedback from the audience, and in the end we ourselves came to the conclusion that we want to return to the Dark Zone from the first The Division. To make the process simpler and more understandable: you go there, find great equipment and take it away, ”said Rekner.

More attention will be paid to the interaction of players – not only killing each other, but also helping, including the evacuation of collected items. “Joint action in a zone where no laws are written can lead to interesting situations. The game doesn’t say that you have to do something, but you still make up your mind and do it, becoming a hero or a villain. It’s a very interesting element that made The Division’s Dark Zone memorable,” says Reckner.

Quick move

Although the hunt for Keener in Warriors of New York will take place within Lower Manhattan, you won’t have to leave Washington forever – global events and seasons will affect both maps. “After the completion of the expansion story campaign, both Washington DC and New York will become available for exploration. It will be possible to move between these two locations without restrictions. All of our seasonal content, including Leagues, Global Events, Bounty Hunts, and Legendary Missions, will be showing up everywhere.”How Warriors of New York will make The Division 2 better

This is how the menu of the seasons will look like.

If you do not buy an extension, then you will be able to enjoy all the additives within Washington, but you will not be able to get to New York. Massive Entertainment hopes that the end-game entertainment will engage Warriors owners enough to make them want to switch between maps. “The game will have a whole web of modes, missions and events, thanks to which users will not be stuck in one city, but will constantly visit both,” added Rekner.

A week after the launch of the expansion, the first of several planned seasons will begin, lasting three months. Each season is a multi-stage hunt for a rogue agent, during which you have to gradually complete tasks in two cities. “I don’t want to spoil the surprise and tell the ending, but there is a good reason why seasons exist in the game,” the developer explained. “They are very closely connected to the end of the story and will be a reason for players to continue to explore the world of The Division 2.”

How Warriors of New York will make The Division 2 better
During the season, a free Battle Pass with 100 levels will be available. Each level can be earned in less than an hour. If these rewards are not enough, you can purchase a paid version of the pass. Ubisoft assures that only cosmetic items are available in it, and all owners of the expansion will be able to get everything that somehow affects the gameplay.


The expansion will cost $30 and will be released on March 3 this year. New users who have not yet purchased The Division 2 will be able to purchase a bundle of the base game and Warriors for $40. And the $60 Ultimate Edition also includes all bonus content from the first year. The next raid, by the way, will be added to the action this spring – it will be “the most difficult content in the history of the series”, and you will have to fight in it with the “True Sons”. The raid will be available to both Warlords of New York owners who have reached level 40, and owners of the regular version of the game who have reached level 30.

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