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Have you ever experienced games that you found difficult to play. And not physically, but mentally. Games in which you had panic and pain in your gut just from the fact that you did not understand what to do and what they want from you. Not?! But the ICE-peak lodge at one time provided me with such an experience.

Their first offspring of the MOR is a utopia. A gloomy simulator of CORONAVIRUS in the vastness of the city affected by the sand plague. Next, the double exit of TURGOR, and after EUREKA.

Due to the lack of people and the budget, the games at the studio are marked by not very modern graphics. Nikolai Dybovsky calls his team an “artistic association”, and its members – “poets and artists from the world of game development”, emphasizing non-commercial interests in creating games. However, money is needed, and more money can be obtained in the west, and this is how the second version of the THE VOID turgor appeared. which I didn’t play

The game was first released in Poland and Brazil under the name “tension”, and in 2009 a modified version of the game was released in other countries of Europe and America called“The Void“. The modification was also released in Russia – “Turgor: Voice of Color“. For this video, I used footage from the original version of Tension.

And damn it, how many battles there were on the topic of which version is better. They say that in the Steam version of The void, everything was simplified, the dialogues were cut, the sisters became spineless, and the brothers were aimless. At the same time, the old version was scolded for its complexity, bugs, ambiguity in wasting color, and so on. However, in order to refresh my memory and completely immerse myself in the atmosphere, I took up the old man.


2008 I have not yet grown stronger, but already an old organism felt the whole palette of colors that do not exist, absorbed all the lymph that oozed from all the cracks and shook my nerve to the songs of the sisters and the threats of the brothers. This is how you have already understood TURGOR in all its glory.

Most of those with whom I started a conversation about this game have not even heard of its existence. And even if someone took it up, they threw it with their tail between their legs, saying Well, there’s no plot there, don’t understand what to do (And this happened either after death in between due to the fact that the color simply ran out, or people are not quite understand where and how to get it).

And in general, what kind of color is this, why are the sisters such stuffy bastards, why the brothers do not want to know about a better world. Most reviews on this piece take about an hour, but I will try to convey the whole essence in much less time. Without unnecessary philosophy and other abstruse. Get comfortable. Draw a sign of the shell so that no one disturbs you and we begin.

Turgor, a game that exists according to its own laws. GG is thrown into this world, the game doesn’t give a damn about the fact that you don’t know or don’t understand something. She doesn’t care about your convenience and doesn’t wait for you to start having fun. She’ll take all the color out of you. But she is just as beautiful in her indifference and full of information about what is happening, that her eyes run up from a riot of colors.


We wake up at the bottom of the gap in the peace of a nameless sister, whose love for us is strong and boundless. GG mute and incorporeal DUSHNYAR. Weak and pale. Empty and powerless. Sister tells us that we need to gain strength and get stronger, and for this we need to learn how to interact with this world with the help of color.

COLOR here is life and currency and weapons. The color determines your characteristics like defense and movement speed. With color we communicate with the inhabitants of the gap. The color itself is stored and distilled into the palette with the help of hearts. They are signs. There are 21 of them here (point) And with them it is also a kind of random, since you can find one heart, and after we feed one of the sisters with color, she can give the same heart. Why was I a little “stunned” the first time

But where does this color come from? Naturally in gardens, mines, and also by squeezing it out of the local fauna, whose representatives range from simple undergrowths to overgrown beetles. And everything here works according to a simple law, the more you give, the more you take.

But you will not be allowed to store color in memory just like that. It is necessary to constantly distill color from memory to hearts, wait until the color passes into the lymph, transfer the lymph into the palette, because the excess will simply evaporate AND THIS IS TABOO.

There are 7 colors and each of them has its own character and features. And not every color is suitable for a sister, and some are even fatal. All this is exacerbated by the game convention. The world is dying here, and therefore it gives less and less color. Where and how you get the color is now your concern.

But God forbid you spill paint once again, the brothers will feel they will come and punish you. In general, regarding the brothers, everything is ambiguous here. They come, they say that they are glad to see you, you are their worthy little brother. And all your obedience to them comes down to inaction.

Sisters feed TABOO, keep color TABOO, germinate and transfer TABOO, and don’t even think about wasting color

But anyway, you can spend the most boring 35 cycles here in order to eventually become one of them. But let me remind you that in order to live, you need color here, you need to store it, germinate it and use it. In general, to obey the brothers, one must not obey the brothers. WHAT!?

Yes, and the goal from the very beginning is a sister from the greenhouse sets a breakthrough from this world with the help of turgor, the so-called glut of colors. But to achieve it, you need more than 21 hearts (but not a point usually destroys). And in the search for them, we will repeatedly violate the laws of the brothers. For what more than once they will run into our gardens or into our behinds! In general, the world here is independent and you need to not just get used to it, you need to accept it, understand it and cry!

Having acquired minimal skills and an idea of ​​​​the environment, we go along the interval to the sisters’ chambers. But in order to go further and further getting the keys to the inflorescences, you need to feed the sisters with flowers. And they eat a lot of colors! And do not overfeed them at first. There are no colors, and every now and then the brothers can come to them and tear out the heart that you fed throughout the cycle and you will have to do everything all over again. That is why the first chapter is called HUNGER. You need to collect everything bit by bit. Grow the color, rise to your feet and move forward with renewed vigor.


As we progress, we will be presented with a strange kind of creatures, whose bodies and sound structures of various types. They will say that you are nobody and there is no way to call you, do not touch our sisters, otherwise we will suck out the color and you will not be pleased. These are brothers! They control the order, keep the color at the optimal level for them. They love their sisters in their own way, they honor you and the laws by which they live. (quickly)

There were sisters who once disobeyed. They were naturally punished, their bodies cast into darkness in the arms of their brother who had punished them. There they merged with them in the form of such iron structures, which now serve as a conductor, a container of color. And instead of the dead sister, a new one is born. And a similar thing happened recently. 2 sisters died trying to break out of the gap.

But the peculiarity of the sisters is that they are able to control the color in the upper limit. In the meantime, they can only feed on them. After their death, a new sister Ole is born. And it seems that everyone is telling us that Ole was born for us and is already pretty tired of waiting for us. But the brothers decided otherwise at their celebration. Hot air balloon is back and he needs a sister. Ole gets him. And they tell us, brother, wait.

Chapter Confusion begins. 20 cycles have flown by. The sister from the greenhouse gets tired of her existence and decides to sacrifice herself, giving all her color to our spirit, hoping that this will be enough for our ascension. The brothers are in shock, the sisters are even more shocked. After all, now the brothers will look for the killer, interrogate everyone and tear out hearts.

And it just so happened that I was lucky with the mines, and in general I was like Elon Musk in color. And periodically I mowed down the brothers, who now and then ran into my gardens to eat! So it was not difficult for me to massacre the remaining brothers. Although if you try not to kill them in a hurry, you can learn a lot of useful things about the sisters, which can radically change our understanding of them. among them there are those who will see the light later. And stands by our side. And his name is Orion.

All the remaining time is already being spent on us finally deciding which sister we will choose for ascension, and whether we will choose at all or we ourselves will break through to the upper limit to the find that showed us in its visions this world, which is so suspiciously similar to ours. Or maybe the color is enough for us to resurrect our sister from the greenhouse, to lift her up and to ascend with her. And if there is enough color, will we have enough time?

In such details, problems, moral questions appear to us. Which, against the background of visions of the find, the words of the sisters about the upper limit and the same type of thinking of the brothers, are drawn on the canvas. Our SPIRIT with full hearts bursting with paint soon ascends with one of the sisters. Whose colors will determine the fate of the world in the future.

Remember, I said that each sister has her own color, respectively, her own character and strength. And there is no right or bad or good ending. Here is YOUR ending. And often they are interpreted differently. They say the outside world is real, the spirit for which we play only an interpretation of our life. Which every now and then needs to be saturated with a different color, dullness, darkness and death.

Sisters are our dreams and desires, giving priority to one of them, we determine our temper, our attitude to the world. The brothers are a social entity that influences us with great pressure. And to resist him or go on about the choice is yours, the outcome of which is already clear.

To be honest, writing a script for this video is hard, just like playing turgor. You start to realize that the broad masses play it
will not. everything in this game is that match. Too dark and dark levels
extremely deep characters of game characters. Yes, and just define the genre – very
not an easy task.

A similar issue was raised when trying to figure out how to characterize Wangers. GOD I WILL GET TO YOU EVER. Give me strength and patience

If the Spirit creates and creates, eventually it makes the inevitable Breakthrough, reaching the highest point of Turgor. With the extravagance of the Spirit, sucking out the Color, like Brothers from Sisters, he flies to the lower limit, where he suffers from his own greed.

Sisters Eli and Yuna compare Turgor with “tearing oneself from within.” It is this meaning of Life that makes Turgor a possible conductor of art — as the personification of a pure creative process and activity aimed at giving the World and enriching it with Color — that is, with Life itself.

Here, time management has to be twisted as much as you like, only so that in the end there is enough color for all your ideas. Which again parallels the reality that it takes a lot of effort to make a dream come true. And it’s not the developers.
such stupid or their products are bad, it’s just that the players are not yet ready for this kind of matter. Geniuses, as practice shows, remain unrecognized for hundreds of years after death …

I hope I managed to at least reveal this project for you, and for those who have already played it, refresh their memory without loading it with excessive philosophy.

Frankie was with you and do not forget to fill up with color, the world lacks bright colors. See you later!

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