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Creating a special objective world, the creator does not seek to repeat anything. That is why today we will talk about style in works of art, namely about style in video games. Style is a set of features that make it possible to distinguish different works of art from each other. It is the most general category of artistic thinking characteristic of certain stages of historical development, expressing the uniqueness of creativity itself.

The style becomes such thanks to the quality of the personality, which contains a corresponding certain price-forming feature, thanks to which the mere totality of the used artistic elements becomes a whole, amenable to characterization of style.

The style is created thanks to the harmonious combination of artistic elements. A key feature of video games is the freedom of action within a closed structure, which comes from the mechanics that provide interaction, thanks to which the artwork becomes a game.

That is why mechanics are a system-forming element, both for the genre of the game and for its style. And they express the pricing feature of the creators of the game. Thanks to the developed system of mechanics, the more traditional visual and audio component of the style is mastered. And the pace of their development is set. And in turn, the visual component sets the conditions for the existence of the audio component, thereby subordinating it.

Thanks to the mechanics, the player masters the environment. Thanks to the development of the environment, we read the formed system of symbols, which is built into a full-fledged text and is a visual narrative. Of great importance is the visual quality due to the measure of expression and clarity of constructive divisions of the whole into parts, identification of top and bottom, center and periphery. The listed elements make up the visual component of the scene within which the events of the game unfold and with which they are inextricably linked.

The sound in video games can be divided into 3 large groups.

The first group consists of sounds that exist inside the scene, they are divided into sounds that provide auditory disclosure of the world shown in the scene, such sounds are called diegetic. Sounds that demonstrate the subjective perception of the world of one or more characters are called metadiegetic. The intra-frame moments necessary for the author emphasize the semi-diegetic sounds. The sounds that exist inside the created space affect the experience gained during the exploration of the space, and allow you to navigate both at the level of physical interaction and at the level of absorption of the narrative embedded in the scene. It is also very common to come across a technique when the characters inside the game react to sounds whose source is not visible to the players, this technique allows you to expand the space of the author’s narrative.

The second group of sounds is represented by extradiegetic sounds, they exist exclusively for the player and are designed to influence the player’s emotions at certain moments of the narrative. This group of sounds allows you to reveal the inner beauty of the work. Set the rhythm with the help of which the development of space takes place.

The third group of sounds are transdiegetic they exist to inform the player from the diegetic space.

Each element separately must be organized into a system and constitute a subsystem of a single system, then a holistic artistic style is created due to which such a phenomenon as an atmosphere arises. Atmosphere indicates the emotional involvement of the player. Feeling the atmosphere in video games allows the player to believe in what is happening and give the game exactly as much time as the developer wanted, and as a result, get a quality experience and emotions.

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