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Start your own evolution to a modern man from the simplest organism. You can download Human Evolution Clicker: Life Story Game for android and enjoy this beautiful and high quality 3D graphics. Use the multifunctional features of this simulator and progress through a huge number of levels. Download all the stages and combine several types of living organisms at each. Your evolution will begin with the simplest organisms. Get into the shape of a real person and have fun all the time during the game. You will definitely enjoy this addictive game.

Human Evolution Clicker: Life Game
  MOD APK (All Unlocked) 1.9.17

Try to download Human Evolution Clicker: Life Story Game for android and enjoy these features of the game:

  • Gorgeous 3D graphics in the style of a stunning cartoon;
  • A huge number of stages of evolution, which will begin with the simplest unicellular, and end with humanity;
  • Multifunctional gameplay with a huge number of tasks;
  • Management of the most ordinary clicker in the simplest form;
  • Play in multiplayer ranking among players from all over the world and your friends.

Evolution from Protozoa Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing different forms and creatures, because the result will be unique species of living creatures. Among them may soon be animals, then people, and soon it will come to futuristic cyborgs. Complete a huge number of tasks and missions and get exclusive rewards, as well as unlock achievements. You can endlessly enjoy such beautiful and unique three-dimensional graphics, with a lot of special effects. Learn about the existence of ancient breeds of animals and people from different nationalities and races. Participate in the leaderboard.

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