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Huntdown is the rip-roaring movement comedy platformer that delivers a fast-paced strategic 2D battle in the direction of 4 deadly gangs and a slew of crime bosses. Put collectively to be hit by missiles, explosions, and many distinctive one-liners on this journey from Simple Set off and Espresso Stain Publishing.

Huntdown Cyberpunk Adventure Mod APK 0.1

Phantacetik game! Extremely hard to play on mobile.. Excellent although this is only the demo version you'll have to buy the complete game. One of my best game ever. This game is a work of art. I reallly dont see how it is not popular. I finished huntdown on my apple tv and it really made my whole month. This game should get more recognition. Also in the mobile version can you please make the triggers more 16 bit like the game? Other than that 11/10. Beautiful attention to detail retro goodness. Paid the second the prompt came up as I was enjoying that much. The soundtrack and effects are also superb. Kudos devs, this is how to make a great, addictive game... Take my money . Finally a real quality game on Android.

Excellent. Wish to see more console and pc games on android.. Everything thing is great, but why don't you mention it's just a demo version, i had download all those. I am game lover those game best. This is SNES shooter on steroids. Funny how i always hoped this game would be on Android and just now i noticed that it is since 2021 !!! I love this game , played it on PC few years ago. Classic !!!.

The Best Game I have ever played on Android but... Your gamepad support is horrible. D-pad is not supported and no way to map any buttons.. People cant say this game is lame at all iv been wanting to play this game since the switch (cheaper on Google play) don't have a controller and hope I don't need one going on the second hit ik it's going to get harder hope the screen buttons will do but so far great game. Only 25 percent only you can play for free ,for rest you have to pay for full game mode. Classic! Hands down! Entertaining, killa gameplay, explosive graphics.. its not just the story that keeps me hooked..Collectors'!. The controls take a bit of getting used to, but are so responsive and clean that it's worth the learning curve. If you attached the game to a controller, you'd think it was a well made game from the time of snes or Sega Genesis. It's challenging too, keeps you thinking on your feet. A truly rare find, and well worth the 5 dollars for the full version. If you like Run and Gun gaming, pick up the full version for 5 dollars. You won't regret it..

Having fun but controller mapping seems to be off. Xbox controller doesn't work with this game. No this controller works with every other game on this same phone. The problem is specific to this game.. Great game love it hope the devs bring us SLAYCATION next which is a great game to.. Fabulous no complaints just want more levels in the game as I purchased it, or you can add more levels or map and villains will be perfect i can pay for more levels too no issues on that.. One of those best arcade games for mobile, download it today!.

Do more games like this iit take back arcade game version in 90s game i love it do some more fun games like metal slug and assasin screed i love it and like veraion some Og game arcade i like thats why i gave 5 star. This game needs Some Money to Pay! For the full Game and for that I don't Like it . Great game. They should clear that it is just demo version and you will need to buy for full game.. Played the demo, then bought the game. I have had some trouble trying to get the full game on my new phone, but that's not the devs fault. If you love old megadrive side scrolling shooters - with some difficulty, then this is absolutely for you!!! Highly recommended.. Great game, horrible controls. The main character is too slow. You lose all the time only because of that. Otherwise, it would be an instant classic..

I saw the gameplay and it looks awesome and since I played it , it reminded me for Blade Runner/Robocop with abit escape from LA in 1. ok this is a PERFECT cyberpunk platformer i LOOOOOOVE IT so much, the details on those pixel art are awesome, 10/10 recommended. I love the sorta 80s or 90s classic feel overall very good but the bosses can suck sometimes ( and yes its bc I'm a bit bad) 5 star definitely recommend. Nice story and fun to play. As you go further game becomes more difficult to play.. The game is very very very beautiful and difficalt.

The game is good but its better f u make it a full version. The old bit arcade is RAD!. The best game on any mobile platform right now.... Best platformer game on phone but paid.. Great game so far as I've played, just some technical issues that need to be addressed. When I minimize the game or put my phone into sleep, when I come back to the game I have an issue where sometimes the audio for sounds is gone, or worse the screen is black while the audio plays. The only way to fix is a restart, which means starting the level I was in from the beginning. Not the greatest deal until I'm short on time in gaps and really want to beat a boss. Using a Samsung Galaxy A50.

Great game... Reminds me of Cyber-Lip from the SNK days. Tight control even on phones. Great music and the voice acting is too notch. Just go get this awesome game.. Just ok if it was full game free might be good but not one I'd spend money on. This is what I call a cool retro style cyberpunk. Tried demo, fully satisfied and purchased. Awesome gameplay. This is a must play game for mobile.. Some of the best music and game play. Loved it. Mind blowing game, every one must play it, highly adictive.

Shutup and take my money!! Robocop + Escape from New York + Mad Max and every 0ther 80s action dystopia sci fi and video nasty all in one. "I'd buy that for a dollar!". Love the game but the only thing is that i cant buy it anytime i press purchase it doesnt work. Why have I lost gamesir controller support?. True retro games and cyberpunk experience! This game is hard as hell so expect to retry playing against some bosses from 10 to 30 or even 40 times to beat them.. Good but not as perfect as goat simulator.

I like the gameplay of this game and storyline. It's very difficult to play. Game difficulty is too much fot casual player. Killing bosses is just waste of life time. Game is not full. Need to buy full game in menu. Wow this might be the best game on mobile!. Good, but it appears the game doesn't have controller/joystick support... Anyway, the graphics style is unique, the voice acting is really nice, musics are awesome, too bad I don't have money to buy it yet. This game (especially on consoles) is either the gold or the silver of this genre (all-time)...Only CupHead might possibly be just as good or better.

I'm a beginner game dev. This game is a bomb. From story to pixelart, I'm subjugate. Gg !. Absolutely an awesome action packed cyberpunk shooter. Brilliant game on consoles but doesn't work as well with touch screen controls.. Horrible please fix a bug we're it starts to slow the render of the game please a good game. It's really entertaining even if you don't buy the full game (I bought it and it's worth every buck). I like it because of the action and in general the story is pretty good..

Great game I played the demo and after 30 seconds I bought the full game and for price of a coffee who could moen hours of entertainment again great game all day long . I bought the game and I love it, make another but longer. Was too short. Really fun. It helps to pass the time. I downloaded this game in June and everything was ok. I purchased the full game back in June. Last night I had to uninstall the game and reinstalled it back but now it is showing limited version of the game and not the full unlocked version of the game that I paid for. I would like and need to hear from someone from the developer to contact me about this issue. "Tap to continue" doesn't tap at all..

The game is not completely compatible with my generic gamepad. Please fix that.. This the most addictive mobile game I've downloaded. The game sometimes will crash. But still a lot of fun.... Awesome game 🙂 I tried it, and after 10 min. I bought it. The whole team has done an amazing job. Thank you guys!. This game is amazing and enjoyable it may be hard at some parts but thats what makes it fun and also gives you a challenge. i haven't bought the game for myself but the free levels are still good and just makes you want to buy the full game for the whole expirience.i watched the ending on youtube and i hope this game gets a sequel it deserves.. pls make it not sat bad words i like but i had to delet it because it says bad words.

Game is awesome and good to play but fix the control issues and the stutter issues in the game .... also sometimes it freezes when am playing. Like Robocop vs Terminator for Sega Genesis but with everything I always wanted that game to have. Voice acting, scripted level events, ol' painless. Beautiful.. I got to say this is a very amazing game. The story might not be so good but the gameplay and the graphic is beyond great.. You have to pay for the full game. Only gives you two levels to beat. Ripoff. Could have been a really good game.. This game is great. The voice acting is good and i like how they gave a chance for moblie users to play an old game that only used to be playable on a certain consle.i still gave a 4 star because for some reason every time i died at the 2nd boss it would tell me to buy it.just so you know i dont have that much money so yeah..

It is 5..No is splendid..i have it on my pc..first time... This needs to be optomized for Android 11 I believe. I have the new Powkiddy X18s which is super powerful and this game runs at half speed on it. After watching youtube vids of this game, it is not running at full speed on my device. The character movement is slow. Please fix. Thanks!. It's old School Classic Game .its Amazing. Even tho it has 0 replayablity, it's worth your money. Like being back in the arcade! This game just rocks this entire genre!.

This is one amazing game! A must buy if you're into side scrolling action games, it won't disappoint.. It a some sort of "demo" and I hate demos but for the content included it really good.. It's a great game tho,but the issue there is that you need to buy the full game or else you won't be able to play it across the 3rd mission That's why I'm rating it 3 star,the graphics,controls everything's just perfect . The game is amazing, let me say. It's incredibly fun hunting the bad guys. Game is a side scrolling shoot em up; you play through a level of peeons to emerge at the boss battle who is a thug that you're after. Very well done, crisp controls. I had to go with 4 stars because though the game works with my MOGA X5, the buttons are incorrect in the game with what I'm pressing on the controller and the button configuration menu doesn't really tell you much like how to use grenades and a shotgun.. This one is really good! Feels like a 90s genesis side scroller. Voice acting is excellent along with great ambience/sounds from the levels. The controls are great and very responsive to inputs. If you like shooters with great environments, cool characters, and lots of other details with that old school vibe, this is for you. Highly recommend..

Men, i love the demo, it's free, but to play more, need to pay. well, of course determined for f2p means has Microtransaction, but this practice seems old was from 2010s games, when there has free games was actually demo games. i bought the game could be cut to 2 dollar, that will be worth it to my money. but, i always, the games is fantastic, well sadly, just play 2 level instead of 1 chapter until to the final boss of chapter 1. it's fantastic-action, and it's feel play snes or even ps1 games.. I AM RAYMOND AND I THINK THIS GAME IS SUPER GREAT. Great job. A little bit difficult to see everything clearly.. Great old school side scrolling shooter. Has a great retro feel and its fun.

Violent, Blood & Guts Awesomeness This is an awesome 16+ side scrolling shooter. Reminds me of Contra Combined with a futuristic, punk terminator/robocop feel. Feels like a late 80s action arcade game but if only they had this much violent gore added back then. Love it . Incredible game, very entertaining and really brings back that old school vipe. Hard as hell But that's what keeps ya going The graphics are gorgeous Can't say i regret purchasing it.. Pros: Awesome gameplay. Graphics and art design very cool. Fast paced action. Starts of easy, gets difficult. Cons: game is short. The arcade mode is essentially the story mode but with points no one cares about. It would be great if the developer could add a survival wave mode and maybe another campaign.. Very very nice game please next part hurry Huntdown 2.

Love it! Tried the demo and bought it. But Putting aside the fact that I am a sucker for retro looking games such as this. The art style, the sound, the music, the characters, the cyberpunk setting, it all just works and it's so full of personality, a work of art. The gameplay, it's a platformer, think of metal slug series and you got the right idea, but here enough has been tweaked to feel fresh and stand out on its own. Try the demo and give it a shot!. The Best 2D game i have ever played! Gameplay: Perfect! Graphics: Perfect! Story: Perfect!. I bought this game within minutes. Perfect controller support.. Graphics are pretty lame this game may bring som nostalgia for retro shooters but not worth to buy it at all, even early contra games has more better graphics, you won't be able to see your protagonist or enemy clearly they kinda blur, again not worthy for money sales it should be free to play.. I'm not gonna copy paste someone review saying the game is great (like i always do). But this game surprisingly, it's good. Control that actually work fine on a touch screen and engaging gameplay. But i have one issue while playing the game, everytime i enter a boss fight the game start to stutter like hell. And it's not only the game that was stuttering but even my phone was freezing. (I have 4gb ram) I'm pretty sure it's a optimization problem that need to be fix in the next update..

Too smooth too good too RAMPAGE. You should tell it that game is demo, You guys are cheater. This game name is dhondown.. The best game no cap,add lan multiplayer please and custom characters....

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