Game Mobile - Updated on April 25, 2022

HyakKinder was launched in early 2022 with meticulous and detailed funding. Creators Netease Games has created a new wave of models in the market. About innovative breakthroughs in idle and light games. To incorporate the circumstances and requirements of the latest customers. The game is a mix of role-playing and journey. Therefore, it carries itself quite clearly and has attractive content materials.

Marking the game’s launch is the presence at two key stores. Moreover, it has appeared at CH Play for buyers using Android devices. The game can be landed on the Appstore, where there are fierce opponents. But from the very first days of its public debut. HyakKinder has confirmed the advantage of crushing heavy games. Every paid game has an advantage.


Infinity War

HyakKinder game is divided into two factions which can be brothers and sisters. You will have to pick out and bring your awareness to a social gathering. Give your best to your teammates by defeating and finishing the assigned missions. Prospects can ask friends for help. Flexible support when facing challenges and difficult situations. Unite to create the strongest faction.

Free conversion

Players can control the character freely throughout the map. There is no limit to how much you can loosen up. Follow the sphere to get quests or explore new areas. Go to every place on the HyakKinder map. Free conversion gives customers flexibility in doing tasks. So profit from this glorious activity.

Exact time

The modes throughout the app are all real-time. So it is recommended to complete the battle there within the given time. Overcome the constraints that might prevent you from coming to you—your limit break method to overcome the great wall. HyakKinder has a game mode that requires an urgent completion time. It will most likely be a stimulant drug to stimulate the potency of a particular person.

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