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December 07, 2016


A gaming headset is a tricky thing. It requires a lot of conflicting characteristics: a rich sound for pleasant sounding of special effects, excellent voice transmission for team games, a convenient and reliable design … And all this must be placed in a more or less reasonable price range so that not only wealthy people can afford such a toy. uncles over forty, but also some students or just working youth.

HyperX has managed to cope with this task more than once or twice, and not so long ago proved that it can make tasty offers by re-release of the model with which it entered the gaming audio market – Cloud. Yes, how reissued!

In terms of filling and design, nothing has changed. These are all the same HyperX Cloud with their rich bottoms, indestructible design, removable microphone and the ability to work both as a game communication tool and just as headphones for movies and music. The devil, as usual, is in the details.


Iron is the same. The cable, the shape, the material of the anti-wind nozzle on the microphone and the equipment have changed a little. The manufacturer claims the following specifications.


– Speaker: dynamic (53 mm) with neodymium magnets;
– type: covering, closed type;
– frequency response: 15 – 25,000 Hz;
— resistance: 60 Ohm;
— sound pressure level: 98 dB/mW at 1 kHz;
— coefficient of non-linear distortion: < 2%;
– input power: nominal – 30 mW, maximum – 500 mW;
– weight: headphones – 309 grams, microphone – 13 grams;
– cable: fabric braid, length of the non-removable part – 1.3 meters, extension cord – 2 meters;
– connection connectors: headset – four-pin mini-jack (3.5 mm), extension cord – two three-pin mini-jack (3.5 mm; headphones and microphone).


— Sensitive element: electret, condenser microphone;
– directivity pattern: narrowly focused, with noise reduction;
– frequency response: 50 – 18,000 Hz;
– sensitivity: – 39 dBV.

Details, details, details

There are several changes compared to the original Cloud. First, the layout. The X in the name CloudX and the black and green gamma of the box are not without reason – the headset was created in partnership with Microsoft, and its design is fully compatible with the Xbox One Elite controller.
Matte black, glossy metallic black, silver and white – that’s all the colors. Strictly. Expensive. The design is still the same: a metal headband upholstered with a special material with a memory effect, thick plastic parts that are not afraid of moderate torsion and kink, neat speaker cups.
By default, the ear pads are made of the same microperforated leatherette as the headband – the material breathes, lets moisture through, which means that your ears will not sweat. For lovers of something softer, the headset comes with a set of interchangeable ear pads – with a bright green core and velor upholstery.

The microphone, as before, is removable. Its slot can be closed with a rubber plug (although, most likely, sooner or later it will simply be lost). There are no complaints about the quality of the audio element – this is one of the best implementations of a condenser microphone in a compact package.

The wire, unfortunately, did not turn off. The basic length of the cable is a little less than one and a half meters, at the end there is a hybrid mini-jack that you can plug into any smartphone, laptop with a single audio jack, set-top box gamepad – in general, anywhere. There is also an ultra-compact remote control for volume control and microphone mute. Additionally, the kit comes with a two-meter extension cable with two classic 3.5 mm “jacks” – just the thing for connecting to a PC.

Well, a nice bonus is a large, comfortable and roomy hard case made of molded fabric, in which you can put all the accessories for the headset along with it so that it does not get hurt in a backpack or when moving.

Sound, music, voice

The headset has a fairly high impedance (60 ohms), which means that weak smartphones, inexpensive laptops and built-in sound cards based on a cheap element base simply cannot cope with them. You will not stop hearing the sound from this, but the maximum volume will be low.

There are almost no complaints about the sound quality: the headphones have some bias towards low frequencies, but this can always be corrected with an equalizer, but adding bass to some empty and booming-sounding models is not always possible. Fans of more complex sounding directions – rock, jazz, classical, metal – will not be disappointed either. Slightly reduce the low frequencies, boost the high frequencies, adjust the mids to a comfortable value and enjoy a voluminous, rich sound. Cleanliness and speed are excellent.

Well, the microphone in HyperX headsets is always good. The headset received a certificate of quality from TeamSpeak and Discord, as well as approval from Microsoft. The sensitivity of the capacitive microphone allows you to communicate almost in a whisper, the polar pattern is narrow, it perfectly cuts off noise, and the foam nozzle will hide your breath. It’s nice to use.

Focused on results

The main feature of CloudX, of course, is the bundle. The second nice little thing is the simple design. The headset is so ordinary that it is not a shame to walk down the street or ride in public transport, no one will stare at you like an alien. The third feature is the price. You can buy this miracle of technology exclusively in the Ulmart network. They will ask you for 7,990 rubles (excluding discounts) … and give you 1,400 rubles to your account at Yulmart. You can spend them on anything: three months of Xbox Live Gold, 4 GB of RAM, a flash drive, and so on. Freebie! And who doesn’t love freebies? Have you long wanted a high-quality headset to listen to music, play games, and chat? So here she is!

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