Codes New - Updated on January 19, 2023

I am the Emperor is a colorful RPG for mobile platforms in which you will plunge into the mysterious palace life. Here you can become the greatest monarch in the ancient Chinese dynasty and lead your empire to prosperity. Engage in various state affairs, train a powerful army, expand the boundaries of your possessions and make profitable alliances. Look for worthy companions as your wife in order to get healthy offspring and continue the royal family. Send ministers to study at the imperial academy – so they will become even wiser and help you in the difficult management of the kingdom.

I am the Emperor
 Discount Codes (2023 February) 4.0.0
All Codes Expiration date
POL5JNH9EXW March 15, 2023
OL2Q80FGEW February 22, 2023
DORMS2VZK February 19, 2023
3BWJRX54AYU February 17, 2023
FP8RO5VYNDGL February 7, 2023
CPKWQ7XBNZ6 February 24, 2023
YQ709TXD6L4 February 7, 2023
6PFXZAE38W February 9, 2023
W1UMZ4S82 February 1, 2023
XAJL6T5U8CF January 29, 2023
7IVSBE81UOZQ February 6, 2023
WD362FNRX5P January 19, 2023

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