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I, Gladiator is a role-playing masterpiece with a solid fighting game.

List of Redeem CodesExpiration date
S2JRB1A8G6UAugust 28, 2022
TMINB3YLX4September 2, 2022
7WZQ15DFIAugust 9, 2022
YJD7NA8KUHISeptember 23, 2022
MSV1CRQEFX8TSeptember 16, 2022
Y0B8A1NIZH9September 10, 2022

In this game you will have to kill a lot, so put the children to bed, drink something for a sick heart, disperse the pregnant women and proceed to the cruelest, bloodiest. A mind-blowing gladiator fight that can only end for two reasons: you won, or you were defeated. Make every effort to repeat the words of greeting going to death, because no one will stand on ceremony with gladiators, and even more so with their corpses, but you have the opportunity to climb to the top of this small world, rise above the rest of the suicide bombers and become an example and idol for them .

The developers did not stint and provided you with a huge selection of armor, from the most rotten to the strongest and lightest armor that will protect your mortal and sweaty from the most well-aimed and hard blows of the enemy. And also the developers offered a whole collection of weapons to choose from, among which everyone can choose something to their liking.

Fight in dizzying 3D battles against multiple enemies at once. Master your weapon and dodge skills, and don’t forget to adapt your environment tactics in the blink of an eye, because all arenas are different, and you will have to adapt to each. But in the end, when you can overcome opponents without even scoring your fingers, your road will open in PvP mode, where you will have to fight the best gladiators on the Internet.

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