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Ice Cream And Smoothies – prepare soft drinks, ice cream, smoothies on a hot beach. Treat hungry visitors and get coins for it.

Ice Cream And Smoothies Promo Codes (2024 February)

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List of Promo CodesExpiration date
0H39BZMPCDTSeptember 1, 2022
62GYLNEW13September 23, 2022
OWNEB2G5DAugust 28, 2022
CQJ7KMLHG2WSeptember 4, 2022
47WRBCNDJPUTAugust 29, 2022
Z79YX4JFPDGAugust 17, 2022

There is nothing better than a breath of coolness on the hottest day of summer. In the application, you play as a panda who has her own business – a small tent with delicious cold sweets. The panda has a lot of visitors who are dying of heat and thirst. They lined up in a huge queue to taste unusual sweets. On display are: ice cream, smoothies, popsicles. All of these can be made from different ingredients. The game begins behind the counter of the tent, when the first visitor approaches the panda. You can offer your visitor any sweetness, because your refrigerator is full of various fruits, milk, chocolate, topping, caramel. To make ice cream, you use a special ice cream machine, mix fruits, pour over caramel, sprinkle with topping and you’re done! For smoothies, you have a blender where you mix ice, fruit, water and juice. And popsicles are easy to make by freezing the juice in the fridge and then pouring chocolate over it. Satisfied customers pay you with coins and an incendiary dance.

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