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The competitive season of 2016 on the League of Legends esports scene is coming to an end. Its final chord came out powerful and memorable – we are talking about the “Tournament of Stars 2016”, which brought together the best athletes from around the world.

Faker and Bjergsen side by side? I do not believe! Although on All-Star everything is possible.

We already wrote that at the IWCA 2016 (qualification for the main part of All-Star for teams from Wildcard regions), troops from the CIS took off: Kira, Smurf, LeX, Zanzarah and Edward – in short, a vigorous mixture of experienced members of Albus NoX Luna and hungry for victories members of Vega Squadron. Last year, the team with Kira, LeX and Smurf knocked out a ticket to the All-Star 2015 for the CIS, but failed to repeat the success. Either “dampness”, lack of teamwork intervened in the matter, or the athletes simply ran out of steam after a series of international matches.

As you know, All-Star is a fun and carefree tournament, devoid of a prize fund, and with it gambling ambitions. And here you have to root not for clubs – for specific players and regions. From Wildcard, the GPL team made its way to the top 6 teams – athletes from Southeast Asia, unexpectedly for spectators and analysts, left Brazil, Turkey and the CIS behind. As for the LCL stars, they only defeated the Brazilians in 5 x 5 matches, throwing out the white flag in the remaining matches.

5 x 5 is not the only mode in which the teams sort things out at a gala concert called All-Star. The format suggests a breakaway, so the calendar even has a “Tandem” – 2 x 2 battles, when one athlete clicks on the mouse, and the other is armed with a keyboard.

But let’s get closer to the point – the main matches of the Star Games, which took place on December 8-11 in Barcelona. The Catalan weekend was held within the walls of Palau Sant Jordi. This arena, by the way, hosted the 1992 Olympics.

All-Star, again, team competition. Six national teams are divided between Team Fire and Team Ice. The first was represented by athletes from LCK (South Korea), NA LCS (North America) and GPL (Wildcard), the second – from EU LCS (Europe), LMS (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) and LPL (China). The attention of the fans, of course, was riveted to the showdowns of the regional dream teams, as well as to the large-scale 1 x 1 tournament, where twenty-eight participants fought for the title of the best (no, it was not Faker that excelled. And not even Mata!). As an entertaining part of the program – the modes of shooters, killers, “All for One” and others.

Uzi is the winner of the singles tournament at the All-Star 2016 in Barcelona.

Let’s make a reservation right away – the 5 x 5 matches were great, no one “leaked” the game, but there were enough blunders, unexpected take-offs, gallons of blood and mass “kneading”. On the first day, North America beat the hosts of the All-Star, the Chinese defeated the Wildcard upstarts in one breath, and the LCK snatched the victory from the LMS in a tense battle.

The second day was also rich in surprises – the athletes surprisingly gave themselves to the game to the fullest. LMS rehabilitated for the defeat in the duel with NA LCS, Europe, to the delight of the stands, finished off the outsiders – the GPL team, while the Korean celestials confirmed their class in the action-packed battle with the Chinese. LPL had an advantage in kills, LCK – in gold, the score was equal for a long time, but in the end, luck and experience allowed Faker and his comrades to emerge victorious from the Asian meat grinder.

The third day of matches between regional teams did not disappoint either. The LCK has finally met with the EU LCS – last year only the Europeans managed to stop a supersonic Korean train. This time the gods have taken their revenge. The GPL predictably lost in the last game of the tournament – now in almost a record nineteen minutes. The culprits are LMS. Well, in the final match, China unexpectedly laid down its arms under the onslaught of North America, which, if you look closely, is not surprising – after a bunch of mistakes made!

Now – in a nutshell about a single grid. Faker and Mata, to the relief of their opponents, agreed already at the initial stage – Mata won. Faker’s “Initiation” was supported by Bjergsen and Doublelift, the 2015 All-Star finalists. In the end, the title went to the Chinese Uzi, who crushed xPeke, the main hope of local fans, on the way to the championship.

What do you think, who excelled in the overall standings – Ice or Fire? For victories, the teams received points in a common piggy bank – for example, one hundred points for winning 5 x 5, two and a half hundred for the top line in the 1 x 1 tournament, and so on. The Fire team was let down by a weak link – the GPL, which lost 5 x 5 in all games, as well as the fact that in the 1 x 1 grid the pedestal almost completely went to the Ice. The result is as follows: 1,100 points for Team Ice and 850 for Team Fire.

The Games of the Stars is a grandiose event, the scope of which can be fully felt only by being on it.

So, the amusing Star Games drew a line under the 2016 esports season. All major titles went to the Koreans – SK Telecom T1 won the World Championship, the intermediate Mid-Season Invitational and the IEM X World Championship. Fans from the CIS remember the season mainly for the brilliant performance of the Tigers from ANX at Worlds 2016. Even though Kira and the company could not put a tasty end to the finish line, losing tickets to the All-Star final, the fans, I’m sure, will not think to pout – the Games themselves stars” went to five plus, giving a bunch of pleasant emotions. And if the competition is initially “fun”, then is there any point in getting upset? The spectacle succeeded. If only the next season would outshine the current one.

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