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Sometimes, the Procrastinator lay flat in the lounge, daydreaming about all the great points they might do on the earth… Some fish confirmed up inside the targets, sporting costumes and make-up. Legs and arms grew out of their physique as they charged one after one different at one factor inside the kitchen. One appeared like Lü Bu, and one seemed like Zhang Fei. It was bizarre. Nevertheless, they didn’t want one other person to dictate their future.

Idle Fish Kingdoms Mod APK 1.0.4 (Unllimited Gems)

Presumably, you’ll flip the tide and make a simple comeback on the earth of the fish. Residing in this miniature world might not be a nasty issue, but it is fundamental to our Finlords of the Three Kingdoms to rule over the nation.

Welp, i like the gameplay and generousity of dev. Though i was baited by the app ads where it shows fancy models of fishes, but upon playing after hour eventually found out the those fancy models are skins and only player who pays can get it.. Did not save my game when i am in vacation. graphics are amazing and the animations are very smooth. Love the character design and gameplay is fun. reason why it is 4 star is because there are little to none sound effects making the game often boring. You pace a little too fast also. Otherwise great game. Game is unique and nice, but combat is so slow. Any chance to speed it up a little?. This game is so bugged and glitchy I can BARELY play it I clicked something and then it glitched out so badly. This game need more events pls update.

I'm interested in playing this game but everytime I've tried opening the chest menu from the tutorial it just glitches out and never opens it I can't progress. I like this game. Thanks the developers.. The game is so cute, easy grinding, not p2w at all. I personally think Guan Yu should be a whale but his ability is almost broken just as Lu Bu haha, one hit one kill. Pretty sad game requires internet to play but alright.. it's very entertaining for me and it is fun to play this game, thanks to creating this game:>. Great idle game with three kingdoms as a theme. My only complaint is that if your gacha luck is shite, you're gonna end up walled early. Seems like having Taishi Ci makes things easy mode if you dont get CC'd..

If your playing this kill yourself now. Okay, but tapping sometimes bug the game out and you have to close it compleatly down before anything works again..

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