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As an idle journey RPG, Idle League is FUN to have the benefit of any time and wherever merely! Deploy your squad; heroes will battle for you mechanically, obtain fast-growing experience, and idle to get rewards! Purchase and put together epic heroes, assemble highly efficient employees, and battle in opposition to the monsters! You can also play with different summoners across the globe, alliances of various nationalities drawback the guild bosses, or enter the Cross-server Space to drawback completely other guilds.

Idle League Idle Adventure RPG Mod APK 1.13.05

Great game love the characters and animation of the characters pretty good is pretty entertaining but there are alot of gliches like server list and random kicking you out if you fix that it could be very good. Is this a dead game now just download it again but can't seem to log in this is a good game to be honest dont shut down this game pld. I have a lot of fun playing this game and the graphics are so perfect.This is my favorite game so far. The game suddenly closes down and when I restart it there's no server, my Internet connection is good stop telling me it's my WiFi problem. I been playing this game since the 2nd week of release and they were good with releasing content and making all the materials easily accessible for both F2P and P2W players but later down the road we lose all that content. They basically fully given up and can't even get events right lately as well as post any news about what's going on. This game has great potential but I can't recommend it until the developers get their act together and do something for the game to get it back on track. Enjoying a good time with your friends is a great way to make a good time..

Very enjoyable, has plenty for you to do each day. Just don't get sucked into spending money to upgrade your characters.. This is to pecky in terms of internet connection !!!!!!!!. FIX THE CRASHING ISSUES. Other than that the game is totally fine and has plenty of stuff to do for killing time, just needs to stop crashing every time I use it. It gets pretty frustrating.. My server has less than 10 active players. Game seems to be dying. I really can't play the game it's always that my network is not working but I'm using wifi. It's making me pissed because I can't log in to the server I did the repair but it's no use, please fix this and I will change my ratings to 5*.

All the good things in this game will disappear in a long run. I think they are discouraging player to play and it's effective. First 2-3 months the game was perfect. Now, after the last update, they went full GREED mode. What before you bought with 20$, now it's 100$. They removed many events and rewards. All recharge rewards are reduced with 80% than it was before. Edit: they also started to lie with recharge rewards. The game shows you get x item if you recharge x money, but you receive a totally different and lower quality item than the one previously displayed. Extremely disappointed.... Don't download this junk game here free player king of alliance but after 30 days only reach 5 mil power, game not provide that only PAY TO WIN. Well the rewards were generous at the start but even so this is kinda of pay to win game. If you want to reach arena top 50 you need to pay to get meta heroes.. Hi, everything is messed up after sv merged. I purvhasef the "traveler" pack $15 and it disappeared after sv merged. And then, the app support page also not available anymore. Game also buggy when cannot participate in champion trails.

Very laggy, not optimized. Generic idle gatcha.. 3/5 for game performance because it'll crash every time you played. 4/5 for gameplay because of skip battle functions. 2/5 because of greedy developer in launching new server rapidly resulting in tons of dead server. 5/5 for event and its reward, drop rate, summon rate and etc. A generous developer indeed. Too many glitches, never fixed. Just a home-made game. Don't waste your money.. Game still needs a lot of work. Artwork is very chibi-style and controls are very basic and messy.. Decent game. really enjoy it. you can build good team of your choice without paying. still p2w which didn't effect much of my game bcuz most of the game is PVE..

First ever idle game I love the most Thank you developers. i rate it high because you can play it without spending too much and get a good ranking .. but please nerf bulldemon its too op. 2 days no log in because log in issue always network reconnecting even I have a good connection pls fix this problem thanks... Ive been playing this for 2 months and i progress alot like alott but the only problem is once the lag start in a minute it crashes and it always happen everytime so plz fix this. Game was good while it lasts. Players from my current server keep dropping off the game. Now there's barely more than 20 active players on it. I'm only playing to kill time. Don't waste time on spending on this game..

Best game ever but I accidentally deleted it and lost all my stuff so I'm very sad and my Google account wouldn't work so I don't play it,but overall great content and best game ever just fix this bug please so I can play again.. Great game, F2P and P2P friendly. Someone else paying does not ruin your gameplay as much as most games. Lots of updates and small tasks to keep you busy. Star up is much easier than 90% of gacha games. Kudos guys keep it up, I'd like to see some server merges, server 99 is as dead as a doornail.. Ita nice ang easy to win easy tap and thier a chance to makes friend like other games. Not sure of the hate. Never had connection issues! Absolutely brilliant.. The latest event time summoned just reset my progress? also sometimes we are not getting 5 star heroes after 20 draw.

Resources are not achievable for f2p. The Game is super good i aint lyin ... the only problem for me is IT CRASH ON MY PHONE I CANT EVEN PLAY FOR 5MIN CAUSE IN JUST 2MIN(maximum) then it will blackout. Game would probably be 5 stars but the constant mini lagging (regardless of how good your connection is) cause one of my top ups to be in a pending state for a week. It was a $50 pack and I never received it. I immediately messaged the game on Facebook. They were very quick to reply, but in almost a whole month so far, I haven't been compensated. I provided the proof they required but I've only been told to wait patiently. I even explained that I didn't want a refund, but a pack worth $50. 0/5 . I've been playing since day 1 and I love it!. No thrill the starter pack was too OP, also enemy has no damage on my hero.

Game looks interesting but after a few mins it locks up, black screens and crashes. Might come back if fixed.. Sow nice but it,s sow lag. i lost my fb binded acc. when i reopened the app, my acc isn't in any server and had ti start from scratch. please fix. Nah I'm holding 94+million cp and it's quite boring but I still love it. I'm f2p btw. I like it and you shoulf add more and make it where there is more rewards you can get and where the game is less laggy but over all its a vary good game.

I had seen this game in an advertisement on YouTube, and I didn't have any games at the time so I figured I would check it out and now I've just fallen in love with it. I love the story so far and I live the leveling up system and all of the characters.. I like it the art is pretty and it's fun and easy to play. No need to pay or anything. I'm rank 30 and have been playing for literally 2 days.. To be honest I like the game i would think it would be better if you guys and girls made then a 18+ style but you have to pay for it and I think it would look up to the ads and stuff but good game. Trial challenge bugged? Doesn't tell what heroes get buffed. Stopped playing because can't win.. I would give it 5stars but I was summoning 40 advanced and my game carshed and none of them counted and my 40 went to waste kinda sucks.

Why dev? Why you using MUHAMMAD name in your HELL TRIALS? C'mon, I think dev team must have a better one. WOY DEV, ITU ADA EVENT HELL TRIALS, TERUS DI LAIR TERAKHIR NAMA TRIALNYA " MUHAMMAD DEMON KING'S LAIR" MAKSUD LU APAAN CUK? GW REPORT JGA NIH KALO EMG LU SENGAJA MENYINGGUNG SALAH SATU AGAMA!! GAME BG**!!!. I already activated the Chat Bubble but cannot be deployed. It just vanished.. I want it to be right side left. The game is good but it always crushing, if u fix this I will change my rating to 5,.

Pretty good ran into a few connection issues but they didn't persist so 5 stars. This game is underrated, this deserve alot of credits and more ratings. kudos to the devs who made this game amazingly entertaining. You can be f2p or spend a little, there is so much you can do. you will never get bored i just cant stop playing.. Game crashes like crazy, I have crashed around 30 times a day. About ready to quit.. I love this game, its got so much depth and strategy! I just wish this game wasnt so random, that is all.. When i accidentally deleted the game all of my heroes are gone and the stages.

Entertaining game that hooks quite, recommended.. Customer service is not gonna help you. I have been playing a lot of games just like this but this game.. I just can't explain how to describe it. Totally a waste of time.. Do not spend money on this game. To many bugs. Event Progress gets reset. Spending money to get rewards in events is lost. Even with screen shots devs just ghost you. Seems like there is always a bug.. I like the games but the app crashes a lot. I would bump to 4 if they could fix that. It closes every 5 minutes out of nowhere. Then there are so many things that have the red dot notification, so it slows down your process forgetting what was done and you don't have time because it's just going to close.. Awesomely on alot to do list...

This game is fun, bucket the tutorial is to long.. make it shorter... so i uninstalled the game. boring. so, needs improvement..... The game is very fun to play and why did i give it a one star because when i logged in the game with my account which is bloodymary guess what i logged in and all of my stuff was gone because it reseted even tho i was logged in with my google account.. Its amazing, I just put in some giftcodes and I have a full 5 star team, also can u Developers make it so that healers can attack like other games. Just played one day then I'm in chapter four yeah easy f2p and free VIP. I gave you 2 star because there's a problem to the game it always automatic exiting.i don't have any problem to my internal or external space of my irritating I wish you fix that problem.

A great game for an F2P player like me :DD It has been a week, without spending a cent on here and I've already cleared decent levels (210+, 200+ on Lair, etc.) Gacha is insane- you can get 5* heroes on a 10 pull- I'm already at 2.5m CP too- It's extremely enjoyable!. Good game off the bat. But too much is focused around recharges. It shouldnt cost real money to play content. (Airships require recharging every day to reset for more gear). So its literally impossible to play against rich boys.. I like the game cuz it's much funner than other idle games I rated it 4 stars cuz u cant equip two of the same heroes if u add that u can equip 2 of the same heroes I will 5 star. I redemed the code didn't got a those stuff on add it only gave me 10 shards i tough it can gave me a 5 star. I like the game a lot but for some reason after I update today, the game will not let me enter the daily dungeon. It keep saying loading resources and after waiting for 15 to 20 mins nothing still happens. Please fix it..

Logged in to game and cannot click on anything.. Love the game but summon rates are incredibly horrible. Don't think I'll be playing for a while.. I love it I just got Santa Claus it's has the power of 21M I just played for 1 month. I like the game but sadly my game is glich everytime i play to long a black screen pop up out off nowere and never leave me alone i just wanna play but it keeps blackscreen pls help. Overall it's good, but why sometimes its so lagging and forced closed?.

I love the game there is so many things to do and I hope and I mean it I hope I can get zeus the character . My birthday is on November 21st so I hope when I log on I get it but if you have worries downloading the game don't the game is really good so many things you can do.In my opinion this is one of the best game of 2021 one of the games I love on this tablet one of the best games in my opinion.. Game was fun until they merged servers with heavy spending players with servers with players that didn't spend that much. Honestly? Don't waste time with this game! Next!. The game is good but the problem is it consumes more ram that i sometimes gets forced out of the game and it lags me when i play for too long over all the game is generous and good to play but i hope that the developers will fix this problem because it's annoying.. F2p Friendly with a lot of heroes GOOD. Game gives a crazy amount of premium currency, summon tickets, and soul stones. I did small recharges early but now you can go pure f2p easily. Very generous game..

I havent been able to login for 3 days, i paid a lot of money and it seems my request was taken lightly, I was 1st on server 78 and idk now. I am disappointed with the customer service, and its not a stable game if this has happened to me, it can happen to anybody that decides to put in thousands and be locked out of their account.. Can no longer login. Keeps saying reconnecting yet I can still play other online idle games. I like the so would you fix this problem.. simple game!this game is awesome app game for me 5 star it's sooo awesome I recommend download this from ur friends cause you can get VIP really quick rn!. Wow this app is so cool. its too much of a pay to win.

Been playing for a while and now I can say this is one of the best game in its category very very ftp friendly and lot to do great events try it. This game is great but their customer service is the worst.. Only been playing a week and I love it there is so much to do in this game you can join guilds, chat with other players, do so many events it's crazy! as a free to play player I can say that even though this game gives you a lot of things you can purchase it is still just optional you dont need to pay anything and plus I would actually recommend you to make a small purchase that would help out the creators who made this masterpiece of a game I honestly do believe this game has amazing potential!. One of the rarest games which deserve F2P tag. Amazing balance of currency. Game has many events that you can use your stockpiled resources and get many useful items. And it is easy to get those resources. One downside of the game is a bit unstable servers time to time. But they alleviated the issue mostly . Want to thank devs in here, hope they will continue their player friendly game developments.. I love this game .. because of events....

I have a team with a lvl 330, 2 300ish and the rest 250+, orange dragons, yellow marks you name it, roughly 5.4m power, the Santa unit is so overpowered the top rank player has less than 2 mil power and just a single 330 Santa unit and I only beat him 50% of the time. If I could get a refund I would this games balance is terrible.. I uninstalled due to an issue and when i reinstalled it my account was Basically deleted. EDIT: my password was wrong, Fun game but its glitchy on my phone. friendly to f2p players. a 100% idle game. u van easily skip any battles to save time. very recommended to casual players.. This game is a blast. I love it and highly recommend it.. Very nice game just imagine you can skip battles as soon as you clear stage 50! yes enemy at stage 185 is difficult for day 1 or 2 but after that youre just gonna wait to level up and clearing levels is easy f2p friendly game hope to see more heroes!!.

Great game but the only problem is how you make every level that is a multiple of 5 way to hard please make the levels easier im stuck on level 220. Im experiencing a bit bad. In Illusion lair i didnt receive the reward from floor 40 and 60. Why? Is it a bug ???? Pls fix it.. Games freeze every time i play for a couple minutes screen goes black when i summon a hero every time. Good game... But to much too doo. This game has so much potential. It is good in graphic, gacha, gameplay, mechanism. This could be a HUGE game in future. Please add more storyline to make it perfect. Only 1 to fix, it is always crash in the middle of gameplay. But it is still 5 stars class..

Asked is there a way to get a refund coz game is boring and it has bugs, cant login on WiFi coz no server to join and i got instantly blocked on FB page after that question. Best idle RPG game ever! And have the best responder ever. As people have said once you hit stage 185 it becomes almost impossible to beat unless you pay to level up your heroes. I've saved for 2 days now and still can't beat it. I have a 8 star. 7 star and 2 6 stars. Over 500k power way higher than what I needed for stage 184 and cannot get past it. Such a gatcha game.. Love team for this game. No announcement when game loads, then window pops up. " Under Maintenance, pay attention to announcements.". Example 1 of their messages.. worse on facebook. Paying customers, that tone belongs to kids. Hate dealing with the public, don't not run a business, nor game where take people money. Never expect people have issue with your product, or tone voice use with ppl.. The game is good but I always get kick out of the game, play 10minute already lagging inside the game and force out!! What wrong with this game?. Annoying.. it's make me want to uninstall this.

I don't know why others write something different but this is 100% p2w game with really tons of micro or huge transactions everywhere. Playing it without spending money is a boring nonsense. STAY AWAY!. Seems better than the average "collect heroes and fight from stage to stage" games, since you can slowly accumulate VIP ranks through playing, instead of solely by spending money. Otherwise, it's much like other similar games. Devs did get back on a bug being fixed, though, so that's good!. Just now after maintenance i cant log in to any server because of new found version. After i download it, the apps restart and then theres a new found version 0.01mb, when i download it restart again then new found version 0.01mb again i do it many times but still the same. I played at server 77 if you fix this i give 5 star rate!!!!!!.. thank you for fixing the bug of 0.01mb. now that the problem is fixed i have one more problem its about the crashing of game every 30 mins of playing i hope it will also be fixed soon. When I first saw this game I saw an image of Saber from Fate Stay Night and when I saw that I was like hey this might be a good game so I clicked on it immediately but when I saw the suppose to be Saber look alike I was completely disappointed not only that but I took a look at the picture again and noticed the differences between the look alike and from Saber and I noticed they just used an image that didn't belong to themgame like can this be copyrighted for using something you don't own..

I don't know why stage 185 is soon difficult to finish. Took me 3 days to progress just to get stuck 10 stages later. Progress is obviously very very little. The game is filled with adds. Adds everywhere. You can pretty much spend around 500 bucks in 2min if you want. The game itself is totally overwhelming. You can pull 200 heroes. I still don't have a clue which heroes are good because there are sooo many. Graphics are nice. Content is good. Still probably something to delete after 1 week.. When you start playing this game is fun but after progressing over 180 lvls you will get stumbled across certain difficulty. They create a server every other day. Just so they make more money. Wanting you to buy something covering my screen.. Games is lagging a lot always saying connecting please make game run smoother and I will change my review to 5 star.

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