Game New - Updated on January 22, 2023

Put together for a gritty Idle Mafia simulation sports experience! Deal with insidious corporations, accumulate gifted Capos to carry out your bidding, and occupy new territory by any means compulsory.

Do what you want: take security costs, rob anyone, a battle on the streets… Be a benevolent chief or a ruthless crime lord. Who you steal from and what you steal is as much as you! Make tons of money: organize casinos, gents’ golf tools, and even a grownup studio empire! You want cash corporations to keep up points working simply. Develop from a no-name gang into a worldwide crime syndicate: from stealing to kidnapping, nothing is off limits till you say so.

Idle Mafia Tycoon Manager Mod APK 6.6.0 (Unlimited Gems)

good game but very much pay to play.. I to update it it takes like 3+hrs because the app won't accept the update it's really frustrating. Love playing the game and leveling up as well just to get a good experience of gaming.. I loved is great. Nice but make it more kiddish. Everytime ANYTHING happens a dialogue pops up explaining what to do, YES I KNOW I HAVE TO UPGRADE CAPOS IVE BEEN PLAYING FOR 30 MINUTES. Please stop hand holding for soo long..

I never downloaded this app it was just on my phone. Fun and slightly different from other types of games and like this.. Hi there , I have tried to contact customer support but I am not getting any reply. Can you link the email address that I can email with my request?. good game progression with no-minimal ads. Cool game but the ads are set up so you can almost never hit the x.

it's addicting and a fun game everyone is saying it's hard but to me it's pretty easy so idk? get good?. Don't like the fact that auto doesn't actually auto collect the cash, instead it stocks up and Your still required to click on the bubble to collect the money... Overall game is good but picture on play store downloading page is fake plz make picture original. Not a bad idle game, as they go. Misleading and boring game. Just another cash grab.

Ever since I've updated the game a few months ago I haven't been able to play it it keeps giving me an error message. great game and love the updaates. I don't play it anymore. Too much PTW strategy. Devs are getting greedier and greedier.. I like how they make a new story mode when we enter new street ..keep up ! and also can you make a few adjustment on chest-key system. Game crashes when starting, do not reply game makers. Saying sorry won't cut it, just fix dang game..

Love the game but only worth playing if you subscribe. The ads make it impossible to enjoy unless you can skip them.. It's pretty good and the fitting and levels are prefect. I bought a new phone and couldn't transfer my account. I did like this game but starting all over is a deal-breaker. I am going to uninstall this game.. Why do I always need 2 Gigs of free space to download the update? I don't have the space on my phone to update it. It gets worse with each update. I can't play it now Every time I try to update it requires less than 13 MB worth if space... If I have more than 2 GB it's not enough.... It takes a few days of missed gameplay before it let's me install the update.... Getting tired of this. more than 7 times this has happened. Almost ready to give up on the game.. It's nice when you play but the main prob is when go higher level you won't get enough capos to get updated n money collection will be slow ....some times it gets hanged .....

kool game bad boy/grl take what u want n make abig chunk of money n fighting in the streets jst like in da old days when the mafias controlled the streets. Still a fine idle game 2 years later.. bad boy never had so much fun with this game holy starting playing on this game yesterday it like playing godfather mafia game . none of the display pics represent the gane at all makes the game look alot better than it is. Did u really have to add the Av studio lol.

Designed to cash grab. Too many "legendaries" and you need multiple copies of them (like 6 different legendaries and duplicates of some) just to level one of your guys and the levels barely make them stronger.. good game can pls put more diamond into my game plss. very cute backgrounds and fun to play so try it you will love it. -1 star Sick and tired of the stupid mission window popping up and being forced remove it from the screen uninstalling it till it's sorted or never installing it again otherwise it's a copy cat game. Nice game please play this game.

Misleading upgrades in game, save capo pieces for weeks then waste on what should be clearly marked as an exchange of a capo piece for a skill. Support of no use, cancelled Subscription and will delete aftern10th Jan,.707 days game play, disgusting. Basic game play is idle but weekend and midweek events have become sit on your phone all day, nothing idle about them at all. After 2 years everything has become super repetitive with progress super slow. Shame support or developer won't help. It was good at the start noe just pain on out rigged. I have played for 1 night and it's highly addictive. Hate these type of games. Always start over. Wheres the get to the real top games. Not lets start over for virtually nothing Yeeeeeeeh.. There needs to be more instruction on how to play mini games..

Customer support is about as useless as it gets it gets it is constantly replying with automated messages and to this day they have never resolved any of my issues because they say it's not fair to other plthere are 2 other players even though their game screwed me out of top places places it also takes them too long to update the game for more levels so once you're maxed everything's done It is also way too much money. Update. Got way more expensive and even less rewarding . Cant even install the friggin game keeps giving me "Something went wrong". It is a bit hard to start but than it is all flow. 12/17/22 It just crashes at random. It didn't yesterday. I've restarted 5 times in a many minutes. Me: Update. Idle Mafia: Yep we still crashing like a drunk trying to park a car in the fast lane on the freeway... Please Fix The Crashing Issue... Thanks. Love. PhuckCancer...

Very good game and theres no ads or bugs this is so good dude. Unbalanced game and above is a game ment to emty ur walet or make u watch infinite ads for so called rewards. The game is identical in every stage or city...BORRINGGGG. Editing my review after 18 months. The game has changed so much since i started that I can't really rate it anymore. When I started it was tough to level up capo's and get resources, with the changes made it would appear to be alot easier now. I'm talking about swapping capo skills, pairing up with legendary capos, mutant dna etc etc. I'm now at level 109 so it's just a grind it out game now as my capo's are at 1020, tasks are no longer difficult. Some of the side games are fun.. Every game update, everything is getting worse and worse, the game became more pay to win and it's not fun anymore. Please fix the game!!!. Was a fun game, I went in understanding that in-app purchases would have to be made... but my game play is at a point right now where if I'm not spending ridiculous amounts of cash for a game... then I'm just not going to advance any further in it... it's a bummer because it is a fun game.

To many tutorials. Seriously sod off and let me play on my own!. Fun game just not my kind of game.. Keeps freezing, crashing...with many people saying the same thing it's not a device issue either.. I love the game but it's just crashed again please fix it. nocie hi I love this game.

it's the best mafia game I ever played Def recommended. brilliant game even my partner plays it and my brother couldn't be better to be fair. The game is nothing like the pictures.. just started privy to change so far so good. This was my favorite game, but my phone reset and now I'm back at level 1. Ugh!.

Been loving it for some time now. Love gaining new Capos to build my power threw the roof while spreading my power and control.. I have had so many issues getting onto the game. It has an update and when I try to do the update it won't complete it. Frustrating. Same kind of problem as a year ago.. Easy fun and an enjoy to notice the changes.. After update,i can't installing the game. If they fix this one thing thing I'll give it 5/5. THE PROGESSION . Look, idk, but like at one point, it takes REAL MONEY to upgrade just 1 capo, and ofcourse I don't want to spend money so I have struggles to get past a rank. If they were to somehow just make progression easier then it would be perfect. And also please fix the crashes and game glitches, like it's just annoying. Appart from that, it's a pretty time wasting, fun, addictive game. With all due respect, the progression sucks..

Ad watching simulator. At least 80% of gameplay is watch this ad so u can do content... yay :(. Thank You so much for fixing the game. I have resumed the game. 5 it is. It's fun I'd rate it an 3/5 but that's not an options it's fun, but sometimes it won't let you play. Game has gotten much better with recent updates.. Great game love it and recommend it.

It's very addictive , love the art as well 10/10. I use Samsung S21 - The game was great. Up till I got to level 16. Now the app freezes and crashes. also the videos play but end in black screen so you never get the reward because you have to force close the game.. I would join the Mafia if it was this fun & easy. funny banter between characters, clean graphics and a great way to blow through idle time. did I mention doesn't need real cash to have fun? more games need to be like this!!. I've played this game for years and it's time I will never get back there are better things you could be doing.. Crashes a lot Tried clearing the cache as suggested didn't help. If not for that it was a fun game Aear ago I got a new tablet and have been playing every day since.

Game ceash in between and then have to start the gsme again and again other i would have given 5 if rhe crash is not happening. one of the better idle games... update review in a few months or so but gg's devs!. So far its a good game .

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