Game Mobile - Updated on July 2, 2022

Idle Mail Tycoon is a beautiful horizontal action game in which the creators harmoniously combine economic strategy, simulation, interesting quests, and puzzles. The user will have to stand at the head of a small post office and organize its work so that it will eventually turn into the leading office of the whole region, specializing in mail and parcel delivery.

Idle Mail Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money)

The work of the mail is not as simple and rudimentary as it seems at first glance. For everything to work correctly, everything must be calculated and debugged correctly, and the process itself requires the involvement of workers of different professions, the availability of certain equipment and premises, control and promptly eliminating all force majeure circumstances and anticipated obstacles and difficulties.

Idle Mail Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money)

In addition to the plot missions of the campaign, the authors were interested in the presence of a large number of additional quests, interesting events to earn experience and materials, unlocking office space necessary, needs.

Idle Mail Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Start playing Idle Mail Tycoon and try to streamline the work of a small post office. Set up a reception and order department, equip a sorting room, purchase transportation, and think about how each parcel, letter, and telegram will be delivered. Hire personnel with specific duties, areas of responsibility, and skill levels.

Idle Mail Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Can’t bring all your ideas to life? A money mod will come to the rescue, allowing you not to save on materials and money, hire only highly qualified employees, and easily and quickly make promising studies and improvements. Complete missions, grow, try to enjoy free modes and additional challenges!

Download ( V1.1.7 )
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