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Idle Transformation – in fantasy movies, the transformation of a person into a vampire or werewolf happens quickly. The body is covered with hair, fangs grow, and strange desires appear.

Idle TransformationIdle Transformation

According to the plot, this process is certainly slower, but the conversion mechanism itself is only visible for a short time. Here you can take a closer look at how the human body changes. Finally, the main task of the gamer will be to turn his character into some kind of mythical creature. Become a werewolf mummy or anthropomorphic lizard!

Idle TransformationIdle Transformation

Each stage of the transition requires resources, which can be accumulated by completing different tasks. It is fascinating to see how a person appears to have a tail, hairs on the back and legs, a long face that gradually turns into a muzzle. In mummies, the body is covered with ice and rots.

Idle TransformationIdle Transformation

You can select a creature and save the result, returning to it if needed. The human body is drawn in detail, the changes on it are also clearly visible. All of this makes you think about what these creatures would be like in reality if people could transform into them.

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