Game Mobile - Updated on February 13, 2023

Idle Tycoon: Space Team is an economic strategy simulation game about a wealthy space exploration company. Initially, the player owns a relatively small company capable of launching small space shuttles into earth orbit. By earning and spending on growing your business, you can discover new technologies, build large industrial plants and start building space stations – they will become outposts. your company’s stability in outer Solar System space.

Idle Tycoon: Space Company Mod APK (Free Shopping) 1.13.0

Idle Tycoon: Space Company

The plot is pretty good

The plot of the game Idle Tycoon: Space Team takes place shortly when humanity has been able to improve its space travel technology. Now you can not only put astronauts in orbit but also fly to other planets to explore them and be the first to get your local resources.

It is necessary to continuously invest heavily in the development of science – only the most advanced can achieve maximum success. You will also have to listen to the opinions of your company’s shareholders who make inquiries regarding the future of the company.

Management gameplay

Players will have to independently participate in the hiring of new employees – to train astronauts, and to find promising scientists and experienced engineers. The more you manage to earn, the richer and more influential your company will become, and the more players will have the opportunity to explore the space. The mod that makes a lot of money will provide the businessman with a huge amount of cash at the beginning of the game, allowing him to buy unlimited goods in the shop and immediately grow his base to the maximum.

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