APK - Updated on January 13, 2023

Illusion is an application that allows you to try and fool your brain.

Illusion  MOD APK (One Hit) 18.8

Visual illusions arise as a result of the fact that the brain cannot process any information that does not agree with its ideas, dissonance arises and the brain tries to offer its owner its own picture of what is happening. The illusions offered in this application are intended to confuse the brain through the eyes, through a short viewing of the monotonous completely looped rotation of contrasting lines. The essence of the illusion is that after the brain has adapted for some time to a new picture for it, and tried to keep track of everything that happens on the screen, getting used to this state of affairs, you need to sharply look away at some object and observe short-lived illusions, expressed in the imaginary distortion of the object.

In general, if you don’t know your body well, then you shouldn’t indulge in such things, because you may have an attack of nausea, or if you have such a sad disease as epilepsy, then a new attack is quite possible, associated with such a non-standard format of visual information, which you feed to your brain.

And it is possible that you are a secret agent who was recruited as a child and prepared for a long time, and then blocked your memory, and in fact you are a brutal killing machine, and one of these pictures can activate you by accident, so be careful and take care of your health.

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