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The plot and “lore” in Elden Ringlike in the games of the series Souls, are served in a peculiar way, forcing fans to comb the farthest nooks and crannies for the next piece of history. However, sometimes the finds are something completely different, as is the case with especially strong false walls.

A Reddit user under the nickname teristam spoke about his discovery and provided a video with proof. The video shows that after fifty swings of the sword, the barrier disappears, although a couple of blows are enough for real phantom walls. This place is located in Vulcan Manor, nearby discovered another such fake.

Users, like journalists, doubt that the find is a deliberate idea of ​​the developers, because the destruction of a real pseudo-wall occurs with a characteristic sound. Here, the object simply evaporates without any effects. Also, the barrier returns to its original place after the character rests, while normal phantom barriers do not.

Moreover, behind a solid illusion there is no generous reward or at least someone’s belongings as a bonus for stubbornness – the wall opens a passage to a room with NPCs, which can be reached much easier.

Data miner figured outthat such partitions have a health bar of 9999 points, but there is no protection, so they can be broken. The community has speculated that Vulcan Manor once had a different layout with different secret passages and rooms. However, during the rebuild, phantom assets were not changed to ordinary ones, instead, their durability was increased.

Recall Elden Ring is experiencing a dizzying success – since the release of the creation FromSoftware sold over 12 million copies. The result is comparable with the indicators Call of Duty.

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