Game Mobile - Updated on April 6, 2022

For Immortal Hero has improved gameplay to a new level. That is, you will have the opportunity to participate in defeating Bosses with a nice range. In addition, gamers can also use the auto-battle mode to organize a monster farm. Upgrading and forging gears can also be a matter of necessity for the customer. Gamers should fight and have full tasks to get the property.

Immortal Hero

Moreover, you need to collect your teammates. And work together to capture the castle. Defeat all the enemies in your way, then you will discover the divine treasure. More you fight with powerful enemies. You will level up faster to change the look of your character.

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Multi-function character management button

Buttons that manage and launch the character’s attacks in the game. It is incredibly versatile and surprisingly powerful. Then you will be able to manage the character to dodge attacks from the opponent. Using this mechanism well will help destroy monsters faster.

Fighting style PVP

Players can have the opportunity to compete with different customers. This is the right way to verify your results after self-improvement and self-training. After each win, you will have the opportunity to gain expert knowledge and drop gadgets. So you will be able to fight continuously without worrying about dropping something.

Weapons are extremely numerous and simple

The number of common weapon devices in the game is extremely large. Unpopular weapons are also a necessity to raise your combat energy. Each weapon has its energy attribute. Next, you also need to choose for yourself a weapon that you like.

It’s a game with a huge number of downloads. I promise not to disappoint a gamer like you. When a game meets your standards. Immortal Hero is a game to look forward to in case you get bored.

Download ( Vv_1.2.3 )
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