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There were high hopes for the second expansion for Immortals Fenyx Rising. The first DLC was more like a set of puzzles that were not included in the main game – enough for puzzle lovers, but I wanted something fresher. The second supplement, called Myths of the Eastern Realm, seemed like something completely new. Chinese mythology instead of ancient Greek, a never-before-seen hero who cannot even change gender and appearance, a completely new location with its own plot. What happened in the end?

Didn’t recognize you in makeup

But it turned out that the Chinese studio Ubisoft Chengdu could not offer anything better than giving players exactly the same game, only on a smaller scale and in different scenery. It’s very funny at first to stumble upon mechanics and items that are absolutely identical to those in the original, only now they are called differently – in the Chinese manner.

Instead of healing pomegranates, there are peaches, instead of blue mushrooms, there are lingzhi mushrooms. If earlier we collected ambrosia, which usually lay on the tops of hills and mountains, now it is the land of the Sijans – it also allows you to increase your health. And Zeus’s lightning was replaced by celestial agate, which can still be found at the end of every puzzle challenge. There were coins of Charon – they became jade coins. There was a Phosphorus bird – now the Ching-wei bird. Everything is exactly the same, no new ideas.

Then you become even more disappointed. It turns out that the developers decided not to add new combat abilities, but only slightly modified the two old ones. When you activate a move that summons dozens of sharp spears from the ground, additional “Knives of Huang Di” are released – just a few knives fly towards the target. For coins, you can buy an increase in damage from them or the power of stunning the enemy. And when you hit the ground with an ax, a series of destructive waves is added. In general, as you fought in the original, so you fight here.

You don’t even remember these daggers.

The opponents, who were simply repainted in other colors, look especially funny. Swordsmen, shieldmen, gorgons, big guys with energy shields, birds – I did not see a single fresh opponent, except for the bosses. The enemies also have new names, but this is a very pathetic attempt to pass off the local monsters as new creatures. If you spent at least half an hour in the original, you saw all these enemies more than once.

Because of all of the above, exploring a new location is not so interesting – it’s hard to get rid of the feeling that you are playing the same game, only reduced several times. You can still get binoculars and scan the area for chests and challenges, you can still fly above the ground with wings. Once again, there is no desire to fight – since the skill set is old and the enemies are the same, what’s the point again doing the same thing that you spent three dozen hours on in the main Immortals?

At least something new

Innovations are found in puzzles, but not all of them are successful. In the original, there were puzzles in which you had to move four plates to get a picture. Here, this riddle was replaced by wall frescoes of nine tiles: if you shoot at one, the neighboring ones turn over, and you need to make sure that all nine are formed into a picture. There is also a puzzle with bells – the larger they are, the longer they ring after being hit or shot; the player is asked to make them make sounds at the same time. Both are not very interesting.

Sometimes the character comments on the resulting fresco.

The mechanics inside the puzzles look more impressive. There are wind regulators – a kind of fans that can activate each other in a chain and which can be deployed with shots. There are transforming cubes – if you damage them, they will increase or decrease in size. Not so hot what innovations, but good puzzles are found, especially among the optional ones.

But in trials (which are now launched through special gates, and not after falling into the dungeons of Tartarus), the new mechanics are completely shameful. Clouds were added here that can withstand the weight of the protagonist, but dissipate when they collide with obstacles. They move slowly, so in some situations, like in bad platformers, you have to wait a few seconds for their arrival. They also introduced air rings hanging above the ground – you can be attracted to them with the same technique that you use to approach the enemy.

Mechanics are very primitive, and the tests with them are the same. For example, in one of the episodes, you need to jump between three clouds, clearing the way along the way, shooting wooden boxes and throwing off iron ones with telekinesis. And in the other – just to lead the cloud through a short series of obstacles, changing the direction of the wind. It’s a stretch to call it mysteries, and there are enough moments like this to make you miss the inventive puzzles from the original game.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising - Myths of the Eastern Realm: Обзор

Riddles with blue balls have also changed slightly, but only externally.

And what was the potential!

Despite all this, it is impossible to call the second DLC absolutely bad. Since the solid gameplay of the original hasn’t really changed here, it’s not without fun to play. Climbing rocks, looking for resources and collectibles, chasing crows in mythical speed tests… But you are constantly trying to find something radically new here, something catchy that you have not seen in Immortals. Instead, you get almost everything the same, only under different names or with different colors.

The add-on is completed in one evening, so there is really no plot here. The new protagonist Ku is a boring young man who, like Phoenix, at some point woke up after a blackout and saw around him frozen petrified figures of people. In one of the two regions, he meets Nu-woi (the goddess who created mankind, according to Chinese mythology), and in the other – with Gong-Gong, a powerful warrior and part-time god of water.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising - Myths of the Eastern Realm: Обзор

Location artists did their best – the new region looks luxurious.

Both characters are flat and not memorable, and there are many times less jokes than in the main game. Sometimes the characters try to joke (Nyu-wa can communicate with the protagonist through a bracer and at some point rejoices at the “unlimited tariff”), but this makes the desire of the scriptwriters to be serious in other scenes seem especially strange.

You complete a couple of missions for one character, a couple more for another (there are also a minimum of new ideas here – you have to throw fireballs in the furnace again, for example), and then you meet the final boss. This is where the addon puts the final nail in its coffin without offering any final dungeon – you just show up in front of the boss and fight. But after that, they report that the equipment found in the DLC can be used in the main game. It is a pity that there is very little of it and among the things there are many repainted copies.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising - Myths of the Eastern Realm: Обзор

That Ancient Greece, that China is all the same.

Myths of the Eastern Realm was a big disappointment. I did not expect a full-fledged new game from the DLC, but with the change in the setting and the main character, I wanted to see more than just a miniature copy of Immortals Fenyx Rising, where ancient Greek buildings were replaced by Chinese pagodas. There are catastrophically few new ideas here – instead, the developers took the old mechanics and changed them minimally. It will be funny if the third addition – with a top view – also turns out to be a copy of the original, only with a different camera angle.

Pros: beautiful new locations; in the open world there are good puzzles.

Cons: almost complete lack of new ideas and excessive use of old ones; an ocean of missed opportunities associated with the new setting; not all new mechanics are successful and made the puzzles interesting; weak storyline and boring characters who don’t have enough time to open up.

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