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iMonster Classic Hero Advent is a Roguelike-RPG journey sport. You start the game as a monster summoned to avoid losing the Devil King, who evil folks have captured throughout the Ruling Tower. Throughout your thrilling journey, you may progressively perceive the conspiracy of harmful folks and uncover the fact behind the fact…

Be a strong monster hero by a gene change, magic learning, forging gear, and saving the monster friends! The story is about growth, assortment, exploration, journey, method, stopping, and discovery. Please survive throughout the darkest dungeon and profit from the roguelike RPG.

iMonster Classic Hero Advent Mod APK 1.4.1 (Unlocked)

Game won't load so I'm deleting the game. I love this game it's a classic. Amazing game.. Cheating money. I ask for refund as child accidentally did a payment for this game. And they just ignore your mails. Very rules!!!!! Also after purchased. The game reset by updates. all your pass collected purchased item gone and cannot get back, even you provided iDs and Datas. Just play, don't purchase! Cheaters. It's alright. I want to play this game thank you to have this.

Still no update......The game is so fun and now they removed offline play. Please, make it offline playable again. We could play this game offline in the previous version that is 1.3.8. In 1.4.1 no offline loading.. The reason why i put a 4 star is because it was fun while it lasted but you dont update anymore. So I've been playing for 3 months and I changed from 5 to 3 stars, the game just gets extremely repetitive and very boring. I gave the game a break for a month and tried to come back to it but it's too boring and now I'm uninstalling. You don't have to put money in the game I did perfectly fine without it and it's not any forced ads every ad you watch is because you choose to to get something like diamonds. I previously mentioned connection issues being bad enough to hinder gameplay well now its so bad i can no longer log in to play at least before id get half an hour to an hour of gameplay...... Now i get nothing. This game should have stayed offline. Im uninstalling it this is bs. Would rate higher if they hadn't stopped updating the game. This game has been abandoned by the makers.

It's a good game but it's a LITTLE to HARD pls fix difficulty. Unable to play. Please make it am offline game again... Update: Stuck too hard at stage 4 boss and made no progress after the 2nd day. Cant play more than a week because of too reptitive content. Not gonna lie, it uses a lot of time than expected. Definitely fun and if you are a goblin cultivating novel lover, this one is definitely for you. The diamond system, make us gonna watch a lot of ads. And the total loss after a long run is frustration. Gotta say, those that give one star because the game went online is too harsh. Really worth the try.. Pls make a game offline.

Normally great but lately it keep crashing alot.. No longer "checks for updates".. This game was an offline game before, it was fun until you made it an online game... Pretty good but very repetitive. I like this game a lot but after some time pass it need a lot more memory.

I liked this game but always disconnected. Need to lessen the diamond usage on forging, add more description and improve synthesis description and explanation, would also be nice to include where to get materials for synthesis.. This game could be played offline in it's previous versions . Why is it now online . Please make is offline like before. This is a great game . Pls make it offline. Its well a normal game overall the th e loot i get is mostly the same so fix the loot drops. The game is stuck on the checking for update screen and I don't want to uninstall because I'm scared ill lose my progress. Is there anything I can do?.

Good game but I can't login anymore.4 star if you fix it. Stolen Diablo II sounds, pretty shameless.. Game lqgs, ads not working unplayable cash grab. This game is pretty awesome & the only suggestion I would make it to change is the monster most of the monster skin colors are to bright & the two-horned options should be lower on the head where the where the forehead is when it has hair option one & maybe you should look at the rest of the options for styling the monster for glitches & when you're playing the game put on an object it doesn't show any change on the monster like gloves & just my suggestions and I'm a big fan of your apps.. Unable to finish character creation due to constant crashes. Using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 running android..

Won't work on y 10 ich tablet. Why i open this game is online. Great fun game. Would be nice if the quest givers are somewhere near the stairs, it takes too much time just to run back and forth in the later maps. Makes some quests not worth it.. Great game! But... You can play the IOS version on offline mode without internet/data connection. while in android, it always checks for update and doesnt let you play offline. First, need to have internet/data connection to open the game and continue to play offline. Can't be the same with iOS?. Spent crystals to get lottery tickets then spent but my phone died and when i came back to it i had neither my tickets nor the reward???.

I'm am giving a 1 star because I bought the level fund almost 2 days ago and haven't received any diamonds. I'm on level 31. I've contacted y'all with no reply. I will gladly update rating if y'all fix problem. I updated to a 3 because I liked playing the game. I just didn't appreciate the no reply when I was trying to get the problem solved.. Nice art. nice game. I'd play this more but the booty is to distracting and detailed. Lost a lot of progress in the game and I hate how I can't skip the long tutorial. Overall good game but a ton of flaws that need to be fixed..

Developers, Just as many other players have stated in their reviews, I agree as well that the diamond cost for any equipment reinforcement past +2 is disappointing. I was wondering, would it be possible in a future update to alter the reinforcement feature from costing diamonds exclusively past +2 equipment reinforcement to costing diamonds only at each 3rd multiple? For example: Cost requirements to reinforce equipment: +1=Gold, +2=Gold, +3=Diamonds, +4=Gold, +5=Gold, +6=Diamonds. Thank You. I really like the game. It's fun. There are no bugs and there are not alot of ads.. Won't load ads. Game keeps telling me it can't load ads so I can't gain any attributes. I hate this game for no reason my game progress was deleted I thought maybe its was my fault so I started all over again then it happened again PLEASE TELL ME WHY. It was asome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Meh. Haven't played it, but the ads suck so I already know I don't like it. 100 % trash... a boss kiling u with only 1 atack with damage 4 k.....IDIOTS devs !!. Fire the tutorial game designer. Gamers want to play, not to read your fancy texts and infinitely tap on tutor popups. All of your game is cool but this is the best if you only have a rpg offline based market some story line and finding some unique skill snd skill tree something like that.

Can't even load the game, crashed upon launch. Kinda fun. It is bad I hate it. It has bugs pliz fixed it but quite interesting games it is. This game has so much potential but the micro transactions n paid concept is too much. Not only do you have to watch ads for everything, the devs have made ads an important part of the game to the point that it'll turn off any player. You need 300 premium gems to revive once, which is equivalent to watching 10 ads to revive, otherwise you lose all the progress. The the gems are not exactly cheap either. Devs are way too driven by money. I don't recommend anyone to install this rubbish content..

Need cloud save and google play achivements. Also it could be better if there is auto farming feature.. Good game, i liked it... :). Boring. This is a fun game for a while, but there is such a giant leap of difficulty for the boss of world 4. I grinded and had all legendary gear at plus 3, and couldn't win. I've sat and grinded an additional 10 levels (ending at level 24 before this review) and still only able to get the boss to half health. The game can be brutal at times, where if you die on a run, all gear, gold, and xp are lost if you don't have a certain item. (Even if you spent gems on legendary gear found that run).. The game now requires wifi to login and I can't seem to play it offline.

Very fun!. A lot like greedy cave, but better. Also one of few games without autoplay. Great game, keep it up. Cute fun rogue-like. Stage 8-10 is very hard i cant win it so i doing so hard for gem and look adv. So i cant win it same :v. Love the game itself, very fun and interesting. Only downside is the number of translation errors and inconsistency there is. I don't even mind grammatical errors that much, but skills will have different names sometimes on an item than in the gene ladder so you don't know which skill is which until it activates on the item..

Fun game, file wont start anymore so I had to delete it and uninstall and lost all my progress so I wont return. However game was fun.. won't even start the dang gaem. Just updated and when i open it said "game data has been modified force closing" pls fix it i got alot of diamonds and gold i dont want to restart again. I got mid range phone with 8 gb ram and snapdragon 665 but this game Takes forever to load , the hhheck.. Once you updated the game i couldnt load it anymore because it was modified. Also states i dont have data or internet. Which i have both. Google has become the worst sell out company ever.....

Played for a couple days. Eventually got an error saying play data has been altered, so I couldn't start the game Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Lost all progress since apparently there is no server save state. So ill just not play anymore.. too pay 2 win, freezing all the time. to uninstall. I really like the game its hard to find some mods thats why its fun. I thought it was Offline Game, then I decided to Uninstall it. Great Game by the way . Since it appears to be an entirely solo game, I don't care that there are pay for convenience features; besides there are advertisements to remedy the lack of inventory slots/merchant purchases. My main problem is that you can't play this, and YouTube at the same time. Gameplay is pretty boring overall, and you're constantly interrupted by nock off Navi, and various other characters throughout each dungeon. I get its story driven, but chill out with the dialog..

A really great base game with a bunch of problems. The English translation is horrible to the point of having no clue what's going on. Needs more explanation of what different things do (whether through a glossary or a tutorial).. Unique reverse dungeon crawler. Been trying to play game, but it has been freezing on the checking update page. If it doesn't work in the next day I am uninstalling it. No point in having a game that I can not play. It is not a network issue. Just uninstalled and reinstalled it still froze. The checking update stopped dimming. So yeah uninstalled the game good bye.. Love the game but I am unable to claim the top up rewards after topping up. Helpppppp edit: probably a bug and now resolved. really enjoy it.

Lm cch no nhn phn thng cho ngi mi lm quen. interesting enough. Add offline mode please!!!!!. Puede ser mejor aumentar la forma de obtener diamantes, por supuesto, esto es solo una pequea sugerencia ma.. some guides are better I think.

The best game rogue like be. Ban qun tr c th cho ti bit cch lu game c khng. I really like this game and my monster. i buy diamond and didn't get the item nor the diamond...suck. Mong c nhiu chng.

Cch lu tr chi ca ti. Este juego es muy bueno, los grficos y la experiencia de juego tambin es muy cmoda. Espero que pronto se pueda terminar el juego en espaol. . pretty good. It kept shutting down everytime I open it. I really want to try it but I can't get it to work.

Espero poder elegir mas monstruos. The game wouldn't even run, it kept closing out and not even loading. It would act like it was about to start the game and then just close.. good. being interested I love my monster. I like the game.

Juego muy emocionante. Too many ads even when you click the daily log in an ad for each one. That is not how that work. And the cost of upgrading inventory is not balanced at all, upgrade 1 cost 80 ok sure..... Upgrde 2 cost 420 gems m8 what that shouldn't work like thar either. This is how it should work upgard 1 cost 80 ok upgrade 2 cost 160 ect until the cost reaches a cap like once it reaches 500 and thats the cost for the rest of the upgrade.. I liked it, it needs more customizability for the monster though.. ..and it got too repetitive.. needs more variation in the game.. Dudes..the diamonds are very lacking!! We use it to reforge, to buy equipment, to open chest!!!!! I could use 30minutes watching ads and it also doesn't seem worth much if i buy the diamonds because it could gone in an instant to reforge or buy space...i was patience enough to test how far my limit to play this game...i couldn't watch ads eveyday... reforge mostly take the diamonds..the button slot in the bag is tiny... Not a bad game. Takes some time to grind up stuff but it makes it good time. At least i can play it without having to buy stuff.

The game is so good and easy to play the reason why I give this game a 3star is because when I was about to redeem that game said error developer can you fix it. Ok good game, explore your cave . You have to spend diamonds just to save what you got if you die. Otherwise you lose everything and it's a waste of time. It takes too long to get enough diamonds by watching ads, so it's basically pointless. If I could save what I had before I died, then I might like it, but the way it is now is so frustrating.. Hey Dev i love your game but, after i buy diamond with real money, i don't know why i lost it all and start it over from lv.1 without diamond i buy before. Really frustrating. I love this game! Hope to see more features. I wish we can add other players and talk to them..

It's not an offline game anymore since the last update. You need Internet to "check update" since I'm mostly at sea and don't have Internet everyday i can't play this anymore.. Needs a cloud save, can't see stat matching.. Good . This new team killed a great game. They removed the offline option and made everything available only by paying. Past +2 upgrade everything cost diamonds . Oh yes, you can still be free player but you will have to watch at least 200-500 ads to just buy something. Ridiculous.. I went to play this game today and found my save data was deleted and I was forced to start over. That killed this game for me..

Very good. I love this game because it has a great storyline I haven't quite yet beat it and also I like how you can get the gems from the birds instead of paying for it I really like that sometimes games when I play it's paid to play I don't really quite like that because then you can buy all these outrageous diamonds but it's just watch videos and get their diamonds that's like pretty cool to me. It's kinda annoying how i need to connect to the Internet to enter the game then disconnect to play it. Good game. The ad is so good and I played the game it was dar fun.

Lots of potential here.. Became boring after a few days. It needs idle play to clear tedious dungeons. There is just too much clicking involved.. Ya so I can't start the app it just doesn't work please fix this it looks like a cool game. I cant open the game after 25hours of doing top up. The notification said that i did some modifications stuffs.. Everything is how a dungeon crawler game should be..

Doesn't even load it crashes everything I don't know why.. Much fun. The game is good, and I really like it.. Which skill is better?. An all around awesome experience!.

A very well-made game. Awesome game love it. Thanks for the update.. Fun to past the time and the story is fun. The dungeon crawl experience in iMonster is scratching an itch for me.. I am monster.

It becomes boring. the gameplay is great. Ive enjoyed the game so far and it has really kept me entertained. I like the art style of the game especially.. This game got me INSTANTLY addicted! Everything makes sense: the leveling up system, the skill tree, the crafting system, the controls, BEAUTIFUL graphics, not too easy, not too hard.. Great dungeon crawler..

This is the android game ive been looking for. The gameplay is very unique the graphics is perfectly defined.. The concept and the game itself is great. I enjoy playing it.. One of my favorite games. Surprised. Really interesting.

Gooooood. Pretty good so far. Estaria muy bien que estuviese en castellano/espaol. These developers are simply amazing.

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