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Currently a looter slasher Godfall only available on PC (Epic Games Store) and two generations of PlayStation. Today Gearbox Publishing And Counterplay Games submitted Godfall Ultimate Edition – the most complete edition, which starts on April 7 and will visit not only the platforms already mentioned, but also the Xbox One / Series, as well as Steam.

Part Ultimate Edition included:

  • Base game.
  • Former Exclusives – Pre-Order Bonuses and Items From Ascended Edition.
  • Support for Dolby Vision and Variable Refresh Rate on Xbox.
  • Update content Primal, Lightbringer And Exalted. The last one will arrive on April 7, simultaneously with Ultimate Editionand will offer the following:
    • Shards that modify your armor – for example, the ability to resurrect yourself will be added.
    • New armor quality levels – Ascendant and Exalted. The first one is unlocked by collecting four shards and unlocks the second passive ability. To get Exalted, you need to pump all the fragments to the maximum – then a third “passive” and a certain cosmetic element will appear.
    • Extended Campaign. In some story missions, Orin will fight alongside Ravenna and Soras. In addition, the villain Macros will often remind himself of himself in story missions.
    • Reworked combat system, including the ability to quickly return to battle after a knockdown and the function to revive allies in co-op.
    • Improved bosses. The mechanics of seals will be removed from the game – it will be possible to challenge the leader at any time. However, each world has three captains that must be defeated if you do not want to complicate the fight with the main boss.
    • Usability improvements such as an expanded inventory and the ability to save up to three character builds.
    • In the end-game mode of Tower of Trials, you will encounter enemies that scale up to level 150 and several bosses at once.
    • Spirit Realms co-op mode for up to six players.

All current owners Godfall will receive an update Exalted is free.

PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One

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