Game Mobile - Updated on February 23, 2023

The Infinity Kingdom is a beautiful 3D strategy game with a modern approach to development and combat. Fans of this direction of gaming are offered a vast medieval fantasy world, open to online development, in which there will always be something to do. The user will be able to develop the kingdom, search for various resources and artifacts, fight against neutral computer units, as well as real network opponents.

Infinity Kingdom

Players and their armies will participate in sieges and the defenses of castles will fight using cavalry, infantry, siege engines in the form of ballistas, catapults, and catapults. Enjoy the presence of dozens of heroes with their unique skills that can be developed and improved. Naturally, any building and unit in the game can be evolved, modified, and upgraded multiple times, and a variety of swords, relics, armor, rings, amulets, etc. significantly affect the commander’s parameters.

Start your battle path in the Infinity Kingdom and choose the faction that you will develop. Make sure that gold and other useful resources are being mined in your kingdom, try to master the neighboring provinces, and win various riches, items and artifacts. Recruit warriors and choose a leader, go clean dungeons, forests, capture villages and small towns nearby.

Infinity Kingdom

Spend the earned money on the development of your city, pumping units, do not forget about defense, because network opponents can attack at any time! If there are not enough resources, use the money mod, the development will turn into an easy, fast, and fun activity. Produce combat units and imbued leaders, combine them into teams and take part in epic military campaigns!

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