APK - Updated on January 10, 2023

Puzzles will never cease to be interesting for owners of Android devices, because they perfectly help to pass the test for logic, quick wits and ingenuity. Is that the original game? Infinity Loop with an unusual graphic design from the same range.

Infinity Loop  MOD APK (Continuity Skill)

At the first levels, the puzzles will be quite easy to solve – they just teach you how to play. The screen will show different parts of the loop, which will need to be connected to each other. It would seem a simple idea, but it is so captivating that it will be difficult to break away from these loops! Just rotate them by simply clicking on them so that any pattern is formed as a result. But this drawing will not be ordinary, but abstract, so you can see it only if you move away from the screen.

Pass? Infinity Loop will have to do without the help of boosters and hints, since the creators of the game did not provide for them, leaving the player alone with his ingenuity. The resulting drawing will not always correspond to the idea of ​​the authors, but no one bothers to try to create it differently again. The higher the level, the higher the complexity – the number of loop elements increases more and more. But if you understand the principle of the game, then feel free to challenge all the difficulties!

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