Codes - Updated on July 9, 2022

Influence is an incredibly fun strategy game with simple yet stylish graphics. She will challenge your tactical abilities.

List of Codes WikiExpiration date
NQ96COERVFDJuly 28, 2022
HFKGOJQ3I5July 10, 2022
38H6PWO2RJuly 9, 2022
S4TFVL2CMNPAugust 8, 2022
C47A8FSZT319August 7, 2022
ROVZ8SK3XH7August 18, 2022

Imagine yourself as a space fleet commander, a virus or a trendy idea. Before you is a field with six-sided cells and lines denoting connections. The ascetic design leaves unlimited possibilities for a flight of fancy, but the essence is the same: you need to spread your influence over the entire playing field.

The size of the field is adjusted in a fairly wide range: from S to XXL. The number of opponents can vary from 1 to 4, for each of them the difficulty level is individually adjusted. You can also play with up to four of your friends. Occupy empty cells, strengthen your positions and win back territories from opponents until the last of them completely surrender. Defeat everyone with the power of your mind.

Download ( V3.1.2 )
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