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Sci-fi classics taught us that seemingly soulless robots may well experience real feelings and emotions and even realize themselves as individuals who are ready to defend their rights. In Detroit: Become Human, they were considered abnormal, “deviant”. In Insane Robots, although this game has a completely different flight, the same thing happens. Robots that begin to think about something and ask uncomfortable questions about the local robot despot are declared crazy and sent to the arenas to fight among themselves for the amusement of the local mechanical nobility. Recalcitrant, they hatch plans for an uprising and … play cards.

Card mechanics

More precisely, we play cards – not for stripping or flicking, but for the destruction of opponents. Insane Robots is a turn-based strategy game with dueling card battles. The mechanics of such battles seem to be extremely simple. Each of the opponents has two attack slots. To hit the enemy, you need to fill both cells with attack cards with certain damage values. But if the enemy, in turn, has already managed to put cards in two slots that are responsible for protection, then your attack will first hit exactly on the armor – and only if it overcomes it, will it directly affect the opponent’s health.

At the same time, if the sum of two cards equals the attack value, for example, seven, and the enemy’s defense level is eight, then the attack will be unsuccessful. There is also a special booster slot for special cards that can increase defense or activate some kind of skill – for example, the ability to return part of the damage received or completely cancel some action.

However, not all so simple. With the help of hack cards, we strengthen our attack / defense values ​​​​or weaken those of the enemy. And the exchange allows you to swap cards – for example, replace your own with an attack of +2 for an enemy with an attack of +7. To avoid such unpleasant manipulations, block cards can be used, which must be used on your own slots – or on enemy ones to remove the block from them. All these actions cost points, which can also be used to draw a new card from the deck.

In addition to battles with bots in the story campaign, of course, you can compete with other players in online duels, improving your position in the global rankings.

Insane Robots game review

The one who defeats you will become an “inveterate enemy” – then especially a lot of gold will be poured for the victory over him.

survival tournament

If Insane Robots had only such card battles, then we would hardly pay attention to it – yes, it’s funny, interesting, but nothing particularly outstanding against the background of other card games. But here, I repeat, there is still a turn-based strategy that greatly increases the saturation of the gameplay.

The fact is that “places not so remote, where “crazy” robots are sent to fight, are diverse, mostly unpleasant for survival, regions. There we move through the cells and look for meetings with other “gladiators”. Defeated everyone in duels – the map is considered passed, welcome to the next one. If we defeat all opponents there, then we will win the tournament and get a well-deserved reward. In total, there are eight such tournaments in the story campaign, each of which includes several maps that are more or less difficult to complete.

On the cells can be not only enemies, but also coins, merchants or random events. For example, you might stumble across a derelict ship and try to search it for money or repair parts. But not the fact that this is a good idea. Or you meet a trucker robot whose truck was carrying ice and got stuck in the snow. At the same time, he is sure that he is carrying pine trees, and shouts: “Help, my pine trees are melting!” Here you decide what to do – try to repair it yourself, tell about where you saw the repair bot (if you saw it, of course), or explain to the poor fellow the difference between ice and pine. Depending on the choice, the reward will be different – if at all. The outcome of such random events can add money and health, open a new card of combat skills, which will automatically fall into the deck, or, conversely, hit both health and wallet.

Insane Robots game review

During battles, you can insult the enemy.

Robot for pumping

In addition to enemies, various climatic effects present danger on the maps – earthquakes, radiation clouds, electrical storms, and similar troubles. Mountains, rivers, ice and other obstacles slow down movement, and visibility is significantly reduced at night. Some robot models are better protected from such external influences. Others, however, may have some useful special ability up their sleeve, like a circular strike that hits everyone in neighboring cells.

In total, more than 40 robot models are available, and they differ not only in abilities, but also in the level of health. All of them open as you progress through the tournaments. And you yourself decide before the start of the next test which mechanical shell to climb into. Each model has more equipment slots (initially only one is open), in which you need to install modules – they increase attack / defense values, allow you to move faster over rough terrain, increase the chance of certain cards falling out in battles, and so on.

This equipment can be obtained as a reward for completing random events or bought in stores scattered around the map. In the same place, we buy upgrades for the robot that increase the level of health or open a new slot for modules, and we also repair – of course, also for money. All upgrades and improvements are saved on a specific model and are not transferred to a new one if you suddenly decide to change it. Therefore, you have to decide what is better – to stubbornly pump one robot or try new models with different properties.

Insane Robots game review

Cards of the same color can be stacked together to get more powerful ones.


All this is already enough for Insane Robots to attract attention and interest. But there is also humor, funny dialogues, situations and characters. After encountering the Ice Pines trucker robot, you can stumble upon the Fishing Robot and try to go fishing with it. Or find a beautiful flower and sit nearby, looking at the sunrise. All this adds a pinch of lively emotions to the game about robots.

And yes, the story is interesting. Throughout the campaign, we collect fragments of memory and communicate with a certain mechanical spirit, which assures that all this is part of our own plan to overthrow tyranny. In general, having met Insane Robots, I was convinced that the game absolutely deservedly received prizes at festivals and exhibitions of independent projects – this is really quite a multifaceted and exciting strategy that can become a killer of your free time.

Pros: varied gameplay that combines card battles, pumping robots and turn-based strategy; interesting story; appropriate humor; funny characters and situations; cute picture.

Cons: The mechanics of card battles are still too simple compared to some other representatives of the genre.

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