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Back in 2015, I bought Fallout 4, but instead of a thoughtful role-playing game that takes into account the achievements of Fallout: New Vegas, I got a simulator of a post-apocalyptic hoarder. My passage, which took 180 hours, can be described in two words – a state of passion.

I just couldn’t believe that Bethesda was seriously releasing an RPG whose role-playing elements look primitive even against the backdrop of the Dark Souls games. Fallout 4 also failed to offer a coherent plot, forcing the player to choose between groups of cretins whose actions are devoid of any logic and meaningfulness.

The feeling of disappointment was not the only thing that arose at the moment of realizing the harsh truth. At the same time, there was also a timid hope that, over time, modders would be able to correct such a deplorable state of affairs and present the real Fallout 4 to the world. Alas, even after seven years of waiting, this dream remains a whim.

However, you, my dear readers, must have already guessed exactly where my search took me. Let Fallout 4 not be able to make a full-fledged part of such a famous role-playing series, but we can turn this game into Silent Hill. And I will try to explain to you exactly how to do it. I wish you pleasant reading!

Instructions for turning Fallout 4 into Silent Hill.

To get started, you will need the game itself, preferably with all the add-ons. We will install modifications using a program called Vortex. Don’t be alarmed when Vortex greets you with a warning about potential harmful mods. They simply absolve themselves of possible responsibility.

After launching the application, go to the “Games” tab (you can select the Russian language in the program settings). Most likely, Vortex has already found all the games it supports. If not, then click on the “Scan for games” button and specify the folder where the game is located. Finding Fallout 4 in the list, activate the game in the program.

Instructions for turning Fallout 4 into Silent Hill.

Make sure Vortex has created an intermediate mods folder by clicking on the appropriate button.

First of all, download the Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE). To do this, click on the first active link “7z archive”, located in the line that says “Fallout 4 runtime 1.10.163 – build: 0.6.21”. After that, return to Vortex, go to the “Mods” tab and click on the “Install from file” button.

The further procedure will be repeated with each installed mod. Look for the downloaded file, select it, and the program will install the mod itself. Sometimes during installation, Vortex will prompt you to select settings, which we will talk about with specific examples.

Congratulations! You have installed the first modification, with which you will launch the game. Either by using the “f4se_loader.exe” file in the game folder, or by using Vortex by clicking on the start button in the upper left corner (the white triangle in the circle between the inscriptions “Fallout 4” and “GO PREMIUM”).

The next mod in line is also quite difficult to overestimate in importance – Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch. Fixes bugs and crashes, but requires all six add-ons. Having a mod is not critical to the plan to turn the game into Silent Hill, but it is critical to saving your nerve cells.

Instructions for turning Fallout 4 into Silent Hill.

When loading modifications, click on the “MANUAL DOWNLOAD” button, then select the “SLOW DOWNLOAD” option.

A crack was released for this modification, which, after installation, will conflict with the patch. Vortex will offer to resolve the conflict by choosing the order in which modifications are loaded. Put the crack “after” Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, otherwise the game may start to work incorrectly.

And now it’s the turn of a less important, but rather pleasant modification – Pip-Boy Flashlight. I don’t think I need to explain to people who played Fallout 3, 4 or New Vegas why the original flashlight is having problems. I recommend choosing a distance of 350% (shadows).

Let’s move on to the main modification, which will allow us to turn the game into a horror – Whispering Hills. It is this brainchild of twilight modding that breathes new life into the game, albeit frightening. When setting, turn on the second item (affects the lantern), the fourth and fifth (extends the mod to add-ons).

To turn the resulting result from a regular horror into Survival Horror, you should play on Survival difficulty. It greatly complicates the gameplay. Fast travel is disabled; you can only save yourself by falling asleep in a bed, sleeping bag or on a mattress; the character suffers from hunger, thirst, fatigue, and disease.

Instructions for turning Fallout 4 into Silent Hill.

The modification also affects the damage, which we will correct with the help of the next mod – Realistic Survival Damage. The original Survival Mode doubles your enemies’ damage, but also cuts your damage by half. The mod makes the balance of power more honest – your damage will also be doubled.

If you do not like the prospect of constantly traveling on your own, then I can suggest the following modification – Journey. Modification settings are available using the in-game holodisk. I recommend choosing the “Realistic” mode of operation, which allows you to travel to settlements with supply lines.

Separately, I note that it is the restrictions on fast movement and saving that add tension to what is happening. When you realize you’re starting to get lost in the fog, the game is blood-curdling at the risk of losing unsaved progress at the prospect of encountering monsters. You shouldn’t brush it off.

To improve the gaming experience (ironically it turned out) I also recommend installing a modification called More Experience Points Options. The mod increases the amount of experience gained, and the modifier depends on which file from you install. I advise you to choose the Fallout 4 3 x XP option.

Instructions for turning Fallout 4 into Silent Hill.

If you plan to equip the settlement, then one mod will help you – Locksmith. The modification allows you to close doors and containers with a lock. The mod is needed not so much to hide from monsters, but to protect your equipment from the raking paws of the settlers. Yes, they will rob you, taking weapons and wasting ammo.

For the rebuilding of settlements, I also recommend the modification Build High – Expended Settlements. During installation, it is best to select the Only way is up option, which will allow you to build tall buildings, because other settings affect the musical accompaniment. I do not advise you to enable Builder’s Patch, because it negatively affects the performance of the game.

The last mod in this collection is Subway Runner. Expands the metro network, allowing travel between different stations. A rather interesting alternative to land travel, allowing you to exchange one terrible danger for another, although the development of the tunnels themselves leaves much to be desired.

Instructions for turning Fallout 4 into Silent Hill.

This concludes this guide. Before starting the game, be sure to make sure that all the modifications you need are activated in both the “MODS” section and the “PLUGINS” section. You can also find other Fallout 4 mods on the Nexus Mods website.

Be sure to pay attention to the “Requirements” and “Translations” sections, if any. In the first section, you need the categories “DLC requirements” (required official additions) and “Nexus requirements” (required modifications). The second section contains translations into other languages, including Russian.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments. I hope you enjoy the next couple of evenings. Thanks for attention!

Instructions for turning Fallout 4 into Silent Hill.

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