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The gameplay of Internet Cafe Simulator includes various mechanics and business tools that the user must skillfully use in order to build the best Internet cafe in town. At first, a limited number of options will be available to the owner, and the entire enterprise will fit in one small room. Gradually developing your business, the player will be able to earn more revenue. To do this, you will have to develop a good business strategy and make efforts to implement it.

How to manage an internet cafe

The gameplay begins with the purchase of a building that will house a new Internet cafe. The premises are divided into several rooms: they can be adapted to your needs or rented out to other entrepreneurs. As profits are made, rooms need to be repaired and beautified by hanging decorations. The colorful interior attracts visitors, so the owner should pay attention to the decor of the walls, floor and the room as a whole.

The furniture catalog presented in the Internet Cafe Simulator contains a wide variety of items. For office equipment, you can use computer tables, chairs, cabinets, as well as computer equipment and lighting. At the same time, each player can be creative by giving their cafe a single style or by making a combination of different types of interior. The main thing is that the result should satisfy both the owner and the guests of the establishment.

Simulator Benefits

A distinctive feature of the simulator is the realistic atmosphere of the market. In the process of developing his Internet cafe, the user will have to fight with competitors, conclude profitable deals and interact with potential consumers. In addition, the owners of establishments can invest their profits in other companies in order to receive additional income. An interesting innovation is the possibility of buying cryptocurrency.

Between work shifts, the owner of the cafe goes home, where he can rest, eat and sleep. Just like an Internet cafe, the house must be equipped by arranging various objects and furniture. If the hero has accumulated a lot of stress, he can let off steam with a bat or club. There are other types of equipment in the catalog, including laser and fire guns.

In addition, the simulator has an open world, which allows players to move around the location and explore the surroundings. The first-person camera adds realism to the gameplay: it helps the player to quickly get involved in the gameplay and feel like a real businessman.

Mobile version overview

The Internet Cafe Simulator game has working versions on both PC and phone. The mobile application retains all the features of the original application – only the control settings have been changed. An additional advantage of the simulator is memorable graphics and the availability of translation into Russian.

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