Codes - Updated on July 10, 2022

Game Invaders Inc. – Plague FREE is a very fun and exciting strategy that has no analogues and is very popular all over the world! You have to take control of the alien invasion of Earth. Show everything that you are capable of, and the human race will not resist such powerful invaders as you!

List of Redeem CodesExpiration date
SX948GIMPB1September 3, 2022
R86CWZQ1TOAugust 15, 2022
ZXUK0TQ81July 14, 2022
6KNVJTC3Z5OAugust 30, 2022
7AZSOVD4UPQBAugust 29, 2022
UX26DQOW31BJuly 27, 2022

You will be able to choose for yourself the most beloved characters with whom you will have to take control of our planet. Are you ready to take part in such an unusual battle? Then install the game faster and don’t waste a minute, because every moment counts! Each of the alien races available to choose from has both weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, make the choice of warriors consciously, otherwise you should not even dream of victory!

With the passage of new levels and obtaining new victories, new alien races will be available to you. On planet Earth, alien warriors will encounter natural resources that can be used by you to upgrade and upgrade ships, as well as to develop warriors and make new types of weapons.

The game has three difficulty levels, as well as three alien races (at the starting level). With more points, you will be able to develop your warriors and their ships, as well as create new types of weapons that will help you get a quick and spectacular victory.

Download ( V1.8 )
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