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Iron Commander is a strategy in which you will need to build your military city by erecting a huge insurmountable wall and protect yourself from enemies. Behind the wall, set up and rebuild a real empire of the military industry, strangling the city inside the walls with exhaust from numerous processing and manufacturing industries, but at the same time creating a huge, army with high combat potential.

List of CodesExpiration date
U2NRGWX1OP8September 30, 2022
6LDRNIU8P7September 23, 2022
MT0Q6ZH9FSeptember 22, 2022
EANHCTID268September 28, 2022
WYNQ6DEUJ384September 29, 2022
PTFK96CEWVAAugust 29, 2022

Attack neighboring cities and take away their resources and provisions in order to deprive them of the ability to develop, and at the same time speed up your own. Send tank battalions into battle, to capture cities and meet the winners at home, with a ready-made feast, the products for which, by the way, you can grow right outside the city wall, where the soil has not yet been defiled by technological progress, and the air is clean and not poisoned by the poisonous secretions of heavy military industry .

As in any online strategy, Iron Commander provides the ability to create and join an alliance that will help you find allies and quickly and easily conquer some piece of territory that you so want to occupy. In addition, membership in an alliance means having strong allies in large numbers, which will stop the attacks of lone “gulls” that are chasing easy resources, and members of other alliances will make them wonder if a lone robbery unleashed by this war is worth it.

Become a real Iron Commander and go into battle immediately.

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