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Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital – Choose your story is a romantic story about love and life in one of the most wonderful stories. Get acquainted with entertaining adventures and live life.

Is it Love?  Blue Swan Hospital – Choose your story
 Codes (2023 February) 1.15.517
All Codes Expiration date
AIVY2T0WXKQ February 6, 2023
R9AK2TLBH7 February 15, 2023
9AXBIEJF3 January 29, 2023
FM3ZCSKD95B January 23, 2023
DGAIZ9L3JSFX January 24, 2023
C4NVS526IHQ January 29, 2023
G1YIZEMKHNL January 29, 2023
T1IXAZHE45 January 26, 2023
LG5R4D8SA January 28, 2023
A0CUI23Q15O January 15, 2023
XQ2IWUL51K3D February 12, 2023
IPVXBW9FTQR February 12, 2023

The action of the gameplay begins in one of the clinics, where the main character is a freshman and this is a very prestigious place. It is located on the west coast, where all the cream of the city flocks. It would be very stupid to miss this chance to start a career here, because this way you can become more successful. Now you have a dream to get yourself a doctorate in Lebed and build a great career. In Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital – Choose your story you will need to get to know the entire hospital team and work your way to success. In addition, do not forget about your personal life, because here you can start new relationships and even stay with your only love. That is why the hero is required to make only the right choice and sometimes make vital decisions. Game features

  • Romantic company in role-playing style;
  • Only independent decisions;
  • Many characters and game heroes;
  • A story that you can create yourself;
  • Sometimes very difficult choices and decisions.

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