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Emily sailed to the family farm on the misplaced island to hunt out her brother, to get tangled in an exhilarating whirl of jungle journey. On this farm journey recreation, you help her as she develops her family property on the farm island, associates with locals, and traverses picturesque ruins! Be a part of Emily on her island adventures, the place she explores paradise bay, discovers historical mysteries, and solves puzzles.

If tales are to be believed, a misplaced civilization has quickly lived on this dream island, acknowledged for its cutting-edge technological developments. For unknown causes, it fell into a wreck. Now’s the time to hunt out what future befell the ordinary people who lived on the thriller island and uncover their hidden treasure.

Island Questaway Jungle Farm Mod APK 0367.0 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

takes too long to get energy. energy should renew everyday.. What freakin bush has the explosives? I've clicked every bush thats in view and it won't let me out of that particular scene. I guess I'm stuck for the next few days since it automatically opens to the quest and there isn't an exit. It was a two and now lowered to one star. They didn't fix my problem and now they want me to fill out an entirely new ticket. Uninstalling this game. Don't waste your time.... Best game ever need more of it almost done can u please finish updating game so i can continue playing till the end.. I left another game because the developers kept screwing their players with each update. So far, I'm enjoying this game.. Really like the game but right now it's froze up and won't let me if it ain't fixed pretty soon I'm deleting it and I will be very unhappy. Gra dosyc fajna ale ma pewne niedociagniecia. Gdy postac wejdzie w jakas ciasna przestrzen zwierzeta nie daja jej wyjsc zastawiajac droge. Albo inna rzecz: enegia, jak jestem na koncie to energia rosnia, ale jak opuszcze gre i wejde ponownie za jakis czas (5h) to na liczniku energii jest zero lub jeden. I chyba najwazniejsza rzecz dla mnie: dysponowanie diamentami. Powinien byc przycisk z pytaniem: uzyc diamenty -- (tak lub nie), jak to jest w innych grach..

Game has a serious glitch. Just spent about $10 and now it's just glitching out. Fix the game or give me a refund.. Would love if it was available to play offline also. After update i have facing lot's of problem....i think this game is going to worst..... Game is interesting to play.. But it is forcefully closing while playing new event. saying connection lost after latest update (updated date 21-jan). Good game like it a lot.

Game stopped after the final confrontation. While the game story doesnt seem to complete.. I really love this game No adds at all . I lo e playing this game. it helps me relax. Very enjoyable game, But my only problem with this game is things cost far too much energy & there simply isnt enough energy for me to be able to play for longer than 15-20 mins at a time. I understand you may not want for people to fly through all the levels in a day but only being able to do 1 or 2 actions before logging back off again is very frustrating. Unique and fun. You learn to store up free energy as you progress in the game which is a money saver long term b/c playing can become costly. I love that you can play at your own pace..

Why do I have to update already again, I just updated two days ago. I love this game! it is a slow pace game. but I hate how much it updates!!!! if you are really fixing the problems and glitches you shouldn't be updating every other day, and I shouldn't need more room on my phone for the updates! if you were fixing glitches mb should stay the same!. LOVE this game, but you'd have to spend too much of your own money to actually get anywhere. It's not worth it.. I am addicted to this game. I have never played any game this long but I hate when I have energy only 56 and I have to remove any obstacle for 50 energy. Even I consume my other resources for energy but it's too little for me. There should be endless energy. Its been good but now im stuck on level eleven and i cant move anywhere.

not as advertised in the ads. Dosnt have games shown and is money trap. Massive issues. Played game for a long time with out issues. Then over a few weeks continual crashing, connection issues and resets. Costumer service blamed it on everything but an alien invasion. I lost money, time and resources. I have had more email contact with their numerous customers service representatives than with my husband when we were dating. I am done. I give up.. Come on with new adventures already. This game was surprising in one thing only in that basically everything you did you just used your fingertip for instead of having to select the tool to clear a path for example or select seeds to plant a garden so I like that aspect. But the rest of it just seemed rather unsatisfying and a bit boring. Just wasn't enough bells and whistles for me..

It would be nice if you had a lot more energy. Great game and fun. Would like to see more energy.. we play this game and have to pay for energy that we got from garden and other things. I don't see why we have to pay for things that we've collected. I'm looking for a similar game where this does not happen.. I was enjoying the game but after reaching the fourth destination the game came to a standstill and the figures are not moving in spite of clearing cache, and rebooting my phone and now that I'm trying to start from the beginning, the game is not loading after landing on the island. It's terribly disappointing, I would remove even the two stars I'd given. What's in the priestess' room on Scarlet City on level 19?? Can you get in there?? Can you even save her brother?? I need answers! It seems like there was a glitch during game play and something was skipped over! .

very very exciting especially when it solving all . Game is a joke. Takes waaaaayyyy too long to do anything. What a waste of time. Give more levels after every update with new game challenge. Game sahi h par mera sabhi stage clear ho gaye h new stage kab aayenge. Hi why my game tell several time try again.

I love this game, but my only complaint is you can literally play for 5 minutes then your energy is up. The amount of energy you use for tasks is high. Please reconsider this. I don't want to delete this game. Game sucks!!! Freezes and then you can't finish playing quest.. I'm finding it fun but it keeps crashing when I try to build the goat barn.. I love playing this game but i can't go further than stage 13 because the game don't want to continue it's not working. I like the game . But what's with the updates every few days ? I am constantly having to update ..

it's a fun game but it definitely pay to win. It won't update. I've made space for it. How do I fix it? I'm so far along in the game to quit now.. After my last update, it just stopped work. Won't connect to the network.. I like this game but energy source very slow. My game is stuck. Y? Okay it wasn't stuck..

I was on a higher level but I accidentally deleted my game I was on (rites of truth ) my farm was than it is now I am asking how do I connect it to my Facebook I have reported it to the support team. It's a great game, really beautiful, and good game play. However, you go through engery so quickly. Even cooking up the food, and using the vases, I run out of game play within 10mins, and have to wait for the engery to refill again before I can continue and I'm only lvl 6.. pretty good game only problem I have with it is it takes too long to get the diamonds to collect things that you need and buying some things are expensive and you're constantly having to update the game I've lost track how many times I've deleted the game or games just to update this one it's starting to get very annoying not to mention I am done to wonder if it is worth it.... Please help i cant play the game at all it keeps quitting during the start up. Game keeps saying connection lost can anyone help please, l have restarted tablet ,checked for updates checked Internet connection and still having same problem.

great games to play easy i love this. why there is no settings to save our progress into an account? my device can't backup this game, bc it has huge amount of data.. Well first of all this alright,but y'all don't allow enough time on the quest and it's keeping freezing up oh! Y'all don't do anything for one Birthday.. Really fun and easy to follow. Amazing game for people who like such games.

Super game. I like to play the game.all puzzles and farm activities are super. The update today has messed up the game where I can't get anywhere as soon as it opens it says (connection error restart game?) I've tuned off my phone, done everything and still can't play. And I love this game so please fix it so that I can continue to love this game.. does not really deserve a 1 star. You can't really get anything done unless you pay money, money, money. The energy in this game is useless. You gain energy and its gone in 1 click. I gave up, i'm deleting this game. It could be a good game but nope greed overtook the developers. Good - Bye. I wish they would give more energy, it's hard to do the side games with so littleI play this game several times a day when my energy builds up and at least four or five times a day the game freezes and I have to go out of it to come back in please fix your glitches. This a fantastic game.Now i'm in level 14. My journey is so amazing with this game..

Love this game....but some of event has been gone since it's just less than 2h... Anyway... I love this game coz the energy recharge so fast.... Best of luck . Been playing for awhile and have advanced to the heroes quest all of a sudden game won't load wasted money and time if this glitch is not fixed I will stop playing this game and will not be happy about the waste of time and effort.. This is a great game app. I really like this app. Opened game & was playing when game glitched & took me back to just after the shipwreck & spawned 2 of the female character. Tried closing the game & restarting, that didn't work. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling & now all my progress is lost. I had cleared the ancient ruins, unlocked a bunch of the farm & was close to level 9. That is all gone now. I'm not going to restart the game as I feel I wasted so much time & I don't want to do everything all over again only to lose my progress. very interesting keeps you I tent on looking for the next clue.

I was hooked on this game and i love to play it but now on level 22 it keeps on telling me connection are lost, i restarted my phone and rebooted the game a few times but it still say the same.. I have a problem. Keeps telling me to restart. Nothing wrong with my wifi. Im on level 12. Please help. Its stuck not working They say restart again nd again Fix it plz. Can you please let me know about the gate left to the temple expedition. When will it be opened. It just says come later.. This game is the cause of my problems with my wife. If something happens between me and her, you will be the cause, and I will file a complaint against you.

Like the game but could not find the last hidden area in city of ancient. Is it even there??? Guide me through it if you can. Lovely game i love it so much fun so much adventure. It's a fun game, but energy runs out very quickly! Have been playing 2 days and haven't even finished the first area due to energy. UPDATE: LOVE the extra missions available, but still only leaving 4 stars as energy could be better and nobody, not even the forums, knows how to open the gate in the back!. too much possibility to miss click and use what you don't want to. I love this game and the adventures that come with it but this game needs to have another way of earning free energy to get through it like say adding a little more fish in the lake to make more dog food to earn more energy because it seems to me you run out of your energy too fast before you actually complete something..

only bad thing... it takes forever to wait ti the blue light bolt to fill. I really enjoyed the game, and I would have continued to play it. Except for the fact that I made it to the second location, not once but twice and after speaking to the Shaman it froze up and wouldn't let me go any further. If you fix this issue I would be happy to continue to play. And change my review.. i love this game but saddenly stop and i cnt play it again..i have to go back to start. Brilliant game just a shame not enough energy it says free game yet to progress you would have to buy energy packs. Like other comments cost to much energy to cut down 1 Bush to progress in the game . Would be nice if we got extra energy for doing board orders or the cable way.The only way to get extra energy free is to cut down trees but you need energy for that lol.. final confrontation complete I want next levels please.

takes too long and too much energy to get thru mazes. I Love This Game, But I Can't get off of Level 11 Because To buy something is to high, Is there another way to get off level 11! The Meal machine is 7000 Dollars! Everything is to High, Is there Another way,. This is an awesome game but doesn't give enough energy or doesn't have the option to watch a video for extra energy so I would love if you can develop an option where you can upgrade your energy otherwise I would play this game for hours the only problem is to little energy. I think it's too hard to get more diamonds.. I was enjoying the game until now they game is stuck on the 3rd island I have made it into the green door but now it want allow anything else to happen.

it is a fun way to pass the time. I'm enjoying the story line and it's not too hate to keep advancing. Lovely ooooo Oooo nice Ooooo Oooo nice nice nice very nice very nice anginat nice. Fun to play, however, not much help. For other games, Facebook is a source to find how to complete difficult tasks. For this game, there's cero help on Facebook. Not even the developers try to help. Also, energy depletes too fast.. great game. except the the time 8 it takes to get energy. please speed that up or give more opportunities to collect more energy.. Recharge your energy take so long, if you don't pay get stuck..

Can't really play. Takes to long and hardly no energy points. I use the energy on 2 items and then have to wait awhile to use it again. Can't get anywhere in the game. Then there is no help in creating things. Like how do I make the dog house? Just going to Uninstall. Could be a fun game but lacks creativity.. I will give only 1 star because when I completed my 32 level I tried to play but update comes again and again then it I tried to update it it didn't worked after that... There is no backup of this game like if we delete Or restart it it will come from that level no.. Now it is request we need the backup of FB account or mail account. So that we can play from That level not from first. Frustrating. I like the game until it wouldn't let me clear land, finish buildings or complete goals. Kept saying "no path". I submitted a ticket but nothing has been done. That was days ago. So I uninstalled and re downloaded and lost everything I had done. There is no legitimate reason for games to be this frustrating.. It's okay. The energy gets used way to fast. Yes there is other ways to get more energy but that's still not enough. I got to bored from running out of stuff to do so I'm moving on to other games.. level 33 the highest level for now?.

Just started playing love the game but it cost to much. The little energy you get isn't enough to play the game for ten minutes. The energy runs out to soon very annoying even when you buy energy the game is over in 3 minutes now you have to wait for more energy. This game would be awesome if the was game play was longer. Ala in all the game sucks because of the energy..

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