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Duke Nukem Forever developed for so long that the game has several versions on different engines. One of the most striking shows happened at E3 2001, where fresh footage was presented to the public for the first time in three years. Reviews of the trailer were encouraging, but this option is officially Duke Nukem Forever never saw the light of day.

Perhaps soon there will still be a chance to touch the lost Duke. Someone representing the group x0r_jmp showed up on 4chan and claimed to have a playable build on hand Duke Nukem Forever 2001. As evidence, the anonymous user posted a gameplay video and screenshots (including several shots specifically at the request of the readers of the thread).

Gameplay build from x0r_jmp.

The build at their disposal x0r_jmp says the following:

  • In one form or another, almost all the chapters of the story campaign are present. There’s one huge chunk that you can play, and there’s another huge chunk where the levels are laid out schematically and don’t have enemies.

  • The build contains all the content from the E3 2001 show. However, this is not the E3 build itself, but one of its preliminary iterations.

  • All weapons work except for the chainsaw and freezer.

  • There are strippers in the build that you can interact with. In addition to them, there are also interactive one-armed bandits, a mini-game in the style Dance Dance Revolution and some other features in a similar spirit.

  • x0r_jmp has two builds at its disposal, but only one has content.

  • x0r_jmp plan to provide fixes to the build, but untouched files will also be available.

The build (along with the editor, engine source code and compilation instructions) is scheduled to be released in June. x0r_jmp are confident that modders will be able to finish this version and turn it into a real, complete game.

Leaks with new frames from the 2001 build have already happened. Anonymous in the thread write that then they also promised to put the game on the Web, but this never happened. According to x0r_jmp, completely different people arranged the leak then.

Screenshots from x0r_jmp and evidence that this is not a fake – a snapshot against the background of a thread from 4chan and a list of files.

In the summer of 2017, the boss 3D Realms Frederick Schreiber said he found a build Duke Nukem Forever 2001 – according to his estimates, the assembly was completed by 80-90% (although some colleagues believe that he exaggerates). According to Schreiber, at that point the game had a much darker and more serious tone than in the final version of 2011. There were borrowings from RPG: hub locations, various quests, inventory with passes, keys, and so on. “Something like Deus Ex DukeSchreiber wrote.

During 2002 this version Duke Nukem Forever continued to make changes, but in early 2003 the team switched to a new renderer with real-time lighting and shadows in the style Doom 3. This meant recreating all the materials from scratch, adding diffusion, normal, and specular maps to the assets, and re-creating the lighting, Schreiber says.

They fiddled with this from 2003 to 2005. In 2006, the situation repeated itself, only now the developers were going to introduce more complex materials, increase the number of polygons in the characters, and so on. This variant lived up to the release, losing all the RPG elements from 2001 along the way: the final version Duke Nukem Forever has become a fairly standard linear shooter with health regeneration and a limit of two guns at a time, as dictated by the console fashion of the Xbox 360 era.

Duke Nukem Forever trailer from E3 2001. The faces of the characters then seemed fantastically cool – their pupils even moved and their hair swayed!

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