News - Updated on March 29, 2022

Ubisoft introduced Demon Veil — first season of the seventh year of support Rainbow Six Siege. Among other things, it includes the Azami operative and the Emerald Plains map.

Plans for the whole of 2022 were also made public.


This is a defender from Japan with average health and speed.

Her main device is the Kiba Barriers, throwing kunai that pierce almost any surface and release a bulletproof circular foam barrier.

Barriers can be placed on top of each other, and they are destroyed by an explosion or a few blows in close combat. If you throw a kunai at an unusable surface, such as a gadget or a shield, it will simply fall to the ground and you can pick it up.

Other Azami gear:

  • The main weapon is a 9×19VSN submachine gun or an ACS12 shotgun.

  • The secondary weapon is the D-50 pistol.

  • A secondary device is a barbed wire or impact grenade.

Other New Demon Veils

  • The Emerald Plains card at the Irish country club. Will be added during the season.

  • Team Deathmatch mode (“Team extermination”), where you can choose any operative, except for the owners of the shields, regardless of the side of the conflict. There can be several identical characters on the map, and in battles they will only be allowed to use weapons and grenades – no devices.

  • The ability to change the attacker selected during the preparation phase.

  • Flammable Goyo canisters will be separated from the stationary shield.

  • Sights with a single magnification will become available to all operatives.

  • Console replays.

  • Verification step for a rated playlist with a phone number associated with an account Ubisoft.

  • New reward program for reporting problems on
  • A system for detecting users who exit the game immediately after committing a violation.

Plans for 2022

Second season

  • Operative from Belgium.

  • Greek map for team deathmatch.

  • Punishment for players who abuse friendly fire.

  • Tips for every operator and training area, including the shooting range.

Third season

  • Operative from Singapore.

  • Map for the main mode.

  • Ability to send a complaint while watching a replay.

  • Reputation scoring system.

  • Revision of the rating system.

Fourth season

  • Colombian operative.

  • The system of punishments and rewards.

  • Permanent list of Arcade games.

Also, in the console version “Siege” will gradually add aiming and field of view settings, as well as new control schemes. In addition, the recoil of weapons will be reworked there.

Finally, the action game is waiting for a balance change, and cross-play and cross-progress will appear at the end of the year.

Watch this video to learn more about what’s new for 2022.

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