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Logic arcades have long been the most popular time-killers among modern applications of this kind. The theme of “three in a row” allows you to relax and get the most out of the process. There are applications with drawing up rows of sweets, balls, bubbles. And in the game Jewel Mash you need to move and line up precious stones. As in all applications of this genre, the essence of the game is to make a row of stones of the same color in a pirate company.

List of Cheat EngineExpiration date
90ZBDFKSX57September 11, 2022
VEMXAY0ONZSeptember 30, 2022
AFNHC9LRSOctober 6, 2022
1TMGYDBN0QRSeptember 28, 2022
1T3BKDEJU5W9October 7, 2022
VBME7FADQG8August 27, 2022

Your task, after you go on a treasure hunt, is to collect gems and have fun with the pirates at the same time. You need to collect pebbles on a tropical island. Try to make three similar stones so that they explode and disappear. Thus, you will be able to score a large number of points and bonuses to pass the next levels, where there will be a fabulous amount of treasures. After all the cells are unlocked, you will have the opportunity to complete other tasks. If you want, you can even set your own record.

The Jewel Mash application has some features: it is a leaderboard for players, 3 exciting game modes, a sea of ​​levels (over 150), colorful and high-quality graphics. So feel free to download the Jewel Mash app and enjoy the exciting gameplay!

Download ( V1.1.6.7 )
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