APK - Updated on September 15, 2023

Imagine a picture: early in the morning, even before sunrise, a rooster had already crowed somewhere, waking up, a gray cat stretched out, piglets grunted in the barn, and a cow mooed. Something needs to be done about all this stuff. The developers of the game Jolly Days Farm offer you to put things in order on this fun farm.

Jolly Days: Farm  MOD APK (God Mode) (2023 September) 1.0.89

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List of Cheat EngineExpiration date
TCMR7L29HW5September 16, 2022
0AYEF6P8BROctober 10, 2022
QURLZHSDYSeptember 14, 2022
QBIT0F1HK2YSeptember 1, 2022
B7LE1PR65DM0September 29, 2022
N9J6QT47FKOSeptember 25, 2022

First you need to buy a couple more chickens. Increase the number of pigs and herd of cows. But what about on the farm without a faithful dog? Who will guard the farm? Moreover, the developers assure you that on this cute farm called “Merry Days” all the animals are kind, and therefore even a cat and a dog are friends here.

Expand your farm. Now you can not only buy pets yourself, but also make a decent profit. For example, a cow gives milk, from which cheese can be made, and then it can be sold.

And although, at first glance, it seems that everything here is very simple, moving from one level to another, you will understand that this is not entirely true. Sometimes you need to solve serious farming problems, and choose what at the moment will be more profitable to buy or make. Become a rich farmer who enjoys working on his own farm!

Download ( V1.0.89 )
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