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Jungle Clash is an online game implemented at the intersection of the genres of strategy with PvP mode and a collectible card game. Build your own deck of fighters and vehicles.

Jungle Clash Discount Codes (2023 January) 1.0.21
All Codes Expiration date
Y8IVG4CLZ71 January 22, 2023
TK3XVW0JUN January 23, 2023
247YF3EKD February 11, 2023
7KPEH6MA82Y January 29, 2023
E0UQCGMKOHRZ January 24, 2023
AFBOE3K58LP February 6, 2023
OJLWT9Y5SFI January 21, 2023
468WES1RU5 February 18, 2023
NCRUZK71G January 23, 2023
IJFV5P74N1E January 30, 2023
5LQZV17KNTG0 February 25, 2023
1ODHMWYC82T February 5, 2023

This game is an analogue of the famous “Jungle Heat”. In it you have to go to the jungle full of enemy groups and restore your order there.

Collect cards with warriors, armored vehicles and defensive structures. Make a balanced deck out of them, reflecting your tactics of combat as much as possible. Search, get and upgrade Generals, use their abilities in battle. Upgrade and change cards with characters and vehicles to make your army invincible.

Fight in real time with other players around the globe. React to dynamic changes in enemy behavior and adjust your strategy to changing conditions. Find and apply thousands of new combat tactics: there are several ways to win, and even more ways to achieve them. But be prepared for the fact that the opponent can surprise you greatly.

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