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Do you like military strategies with an extraordinary plot? Do not like to fight a battle without thinking through the action beforehand? Do you like interesting backstories and fast-paced action? Then this game is definitely made for you.

List of Discount Codes Expiration date
6K7HQUIYAEO July 18, 2022
Q2YV63BFSL August 24, 2022
73DR4GPAF August 30, 2022
OL8N5D0TIVM September 11, 2022
24JLIGBPHF9Y August 6, 2022
0MOUV9CYIN2 September 3, 2022

The tropics, in the depths of which there are countless deposits of precious resources, are under the yoke of the usurper – General Blood. Try to liberate the territory from invaders, take possession of natural resources and make the tropics a place free from wars and violence.

To complete the task, you will need not only courage, but also a strong desire to win, because you have to not only think over the battle, but also fearlessly rush into the attack on the enemy, who outnumbers you.

In Jungle Heat: War of Clans you will experience wonderful graphics: detailed rainforest thickets, impenetrable jungles and well-thought-out military bases have been created especially for you. Strengthen your positions, erect fortress walls designed to separate you from the enemy, participate in tournaments and crush the enemy!

Battles for oil and precious metals can also be fought online, while there is the possibility of synchronization on various devices. By the way, due to the possibility of passing the game in online mode, you can join coalitions with your friends. Create strategic action plans and defeat the enemy together.

Claim your gold with Jungle Heat: War of Clans!

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