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Mixture of tower defense, shooter and autobattler.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense


The game is announced for the Windows platform.


Once in the city of Pokio there was a disaster. After the earthquake, a radiation crater opened up. And from there the Kaiju climbed, of course. The plot is presented in the form of small briefings before missions and comic inserts.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense

Story link.


The gameplay is an explosive mix of a shooter, Tower Defense and an autobattler.

At the beginning, it is worth going through a training session, where they will quickly and in detail explain how to play. Here we will learn how to shoot from the main mech, use global skills.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense


On each mission, the process is approximately the same. Waves of kaiju roll on the fortification that protects our main mech – One and a set of auxiliary fighters.

Assistants shoot automatically, and from Odin we conduct aimed fire.

The task of the monsters is to get to the wall and knock down its health to zero.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense


On each battlefield, you can have additional defensive-attacking objects in different configurations (sometimes mission conditions do not allow you to do a number of things).

These are energy walls that can withstand a lot of damage and a variety of towers that help destroy enemies and even tactical units of robots or drones that will also help repel an attack.

The number of places to build is limited and they are hard-coded on each map, so you need to think about how to make the most of the available opportunities. We build buildings at the expense of the currency received from killing monsters. Buildings can be upgraded during the mission.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense

The scare is getting stronger.

There are a lot of types of enemies and they use different tactics. Someone is rushing like a tank, someone is trying to crush them with numbers, someone is flying, someone is spawning other monsters right on the go. There are titanic bosses that pose a serious danger. Although, if you play inattentively, miss a defense breakthrough or a detachment of flyers somewhere in this mess, then simple enemies are able to overcome.

On any, even the simplest level, hundreds of opponents come.

Interestingly, the monsters are not just a rod, but also feel the terrain, for example, the water slows down some of them.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense

For defeating enemies, you get technology points and gold. For the first, we are looking into permanent global improvements such as stronger walls or richer loot. Leveling is done just fine – a lot of things can be improved, new towers and active skills are added.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense

Passive development tree (about half visible).

For gold, we upgrade our Odin and helper furs. Serious improvements, like +25% projectile damage.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense

Odin upgrade.

There is a robot factory where you can choose assistant furs and pump them for gold, as well as repair the damage received. Each unit has completely different qualities that can be useful in a given situation. One has a machine gun, the other has a grenade launcher, and so on. This greatly affects the course of battles.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense



Each mission is a point on the world map. You can replay them, for the purpose of farming, any number of times. In total, as far as I understand, there are two global large locations (episodes) that open as you progress.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense

First episode.

If you overcome the level by three stars, then the horde mode opens for the map (more monsters, they are meaner, the defense conditions are worse), and then the stage when the titan also attacks with waves of enemies.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense

Mode selection – icons on the left.

Consider the pros and cons of the game, sum up.


+ Simple but bright, nice graphics

+ Excellent music and soundtrack.

+ Excellent shooting.

+ Many types of towers.

+ Many kinds of dangerous enemies.

+ Good helper mechs.

+ Good system of global improvements and upgrade furs.

+ Good, in general, Russian localization of the text.


– Small kosyachki Russian localization, such as part of the inscription can crawl somewhere. Some clumsy wording. Doesn’t interfere with play.


A harmonious combination of interesting genres: shooter, Tower Defense, autobattler. You can shoot yourself, watch other mechs fire, make defenses and fight hordes of monsters. All this happens dynamically and cheerfully, which, in fact, is required from such games. At the same time, the content is very well developed here – there is a lot of it (the levels themselves, three increasingly difficult modes for each mini-location), excellent upgrade systems.

Kaiju will not pass!  Mechs V Kaijus - Tower Defense

Something like this.

PS: Probably did not disclose all aspects, could miss something. I will be glad to supplement / correct the review or answer questions in the course of communication in the comments.

PPS: Steam game page.

All good games!

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