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The game combines the features of an exciting platformer and exciting action. The protagonist receives a task from his boss, after which he goes on a dangerous journey. As you progress through the story, the player will meet a variety of enemies that vary in strength and endurance. Destroying opponents and successfully completing each level, the hero will be able to get to the main villain and complete the mission.


One of the gameplay features of Katana ZERO is a rich arsenal of weapons. Basically, the hero wields a katana, which allows you to kill almost all enemies with one hit. However, the katana is useless in the fight against the bosses: in order to defeat the enemy, the player will have to find other types of weapons. Access to improved swords opens after obtaining special keys.

Each sword has two stats: dash length and attack speed. They determine the possibility of using this type of weapon against certain enemies. Also, swords have special features – for example, the release of fire or a projectile on impact. Some swords can be used by the player to deflect bullets and to break through enemy defenses.

Skills and abilities

In addition to the melee skill, the hero has the ability to control time. It proves to be extremely useful in the second part of the game when encountering enemies who wield firearms. Also, the player can control the duration of the dialogue and thereby change the storyline. To end the conversation, you must hang up or interrupt the interlocutor using the appropriate key.

How to pass the level

Plot changes occur not only during the dialogues, but throughout the entire gameplay. To successfully complete the level, the user must make a suitable sequence of actions. Depending on the developed strategy, the hero will be able to open one or another story ending. There is also a secret boss in the game: guides for finding the secret boss can be found on the Web.

The passage is greatly complicated by the fact that the main character does not have a health scale. If the fighter took the blow of the enemy, then he instantly dies, and the level starts again. At the same time, the hero is able to outwit the enemy and prepare a trap for him: in this case, the villain will be neutralized, and the player will be able to move on. In some cases, to defeat the enemy, the hero can use items located within the location, such as knives.

Android version

The great popularity of the Katana ZERO project determined the need to create a mobile version of the game. It is worth noting that there is no official mobile application, however, fans of the platform game can install a fan port on their phone. The main difference between the ported version and the original game is the extremely limited number of levels. Fanport Katana Zero gives access to only two locations – Club Neon and Prison – and does not have a translation into Russian.

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