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Unfortunately, parents sometimes have no time to tell their children about all the subtleties of medical care. But this is useful information for toddlers of the youngest age. Therefore, to help busy parents, the Kids Doctor Game application was created – a free app in which children from 2 to 6 years old can learn about doctor visits. That is, the child will be in the role of an attentive doctor and treat patients.

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Children will learn how doctors examine different diseases. Parents, in turn, will also be able to teach kids the symptoms of various diseases. Each child will learn how to get rid of bad breath, how to cure a bad tooth, how to treat a sore throat and ears, and will also understand how to treat a runny nose, headache, bone displacement, etc. In a word, this is a cool application so that your child does not constantly ask you about doctors, diseases and their treatment. By the way, the developers promised to create a similar application in the near future, where children will treat animals.

The game has its own characteristics: these are four small children who need to be cured. After each successful treatment, the children will listen to applause, and shout cheers. When the correct diagnosis is established, cute balloons will begin to fly. In addition, children will love the beautiful animations and fun sounds. Download the application Kids Doctor Game – free app and your child will understand the basic subtleties of medicine.

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